Tuesday, May 6, 2008

This Week in Fishing

I'm only a day late this time! 

The quests for the week were:

Date Day Quest
4/29 Tuesday Bait Bandits
4/30 Wednesday Bait Bandits
5/1 Thursday Bait Bandits
5/2 Friday Felblood Fillet
5/3 Saturday Bait Bandits
5/4 Sunday Crocolisks in the City
5/5 Monday The One That Got Away


It was obviously Bait Bandits week with that quest coming up four times.  I was happy that Crocolisks in the City came up this week.  After last week, I expected a month to go by before I saw it again.  I still have no baby croc pet though.  C'mon Chuck!

The percentages for the quests this week and for 4/13 - 5/5 are:

Quest %  This Week %  4/13-5/5
Bait Bandits 57% 24%
Crocolisks in the City 14% 14%
Felblood Fillet 14% 29%
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy 0% 10%
The One That Got Away 14% 24%


I'm going to jump out on a limb here and predict that I'll be doing a lot of shrimpin' next week.  /sigh.  That one is my least fav quest.

As far as lewts goes, other than a few Shadow Pearls, I have yet to get any of the fishing items.  Blizzard, you can make that up to me by letting me get Chuck!

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