Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rawr Goes Kitty!

We're all familiar with Rawr, the program that lets you compare tanking gear based on mitigation and survival points, and how useful it is in determining your optimal gear, gem, and enchant composition. Well, they've just gone Kitty! In version 11b of Rawr, you now have the option of comparing DPS gear and how it effects your stats in Cat form.

The stats and calculations used for the Cat model within Rawr are based on Toskk's Feral DPS Gear Methodology. I won't summarize the info here as I haven't yet absorbed all the information and, frankly, I wonder if I ever will! However, it's linked and if you wanna know the math, you can go read it there.

Version 11b has been updated with 2.4 PTR data as of 2/15. So, we have the ability to explore the new gear items and plan our badge stockpiles!

Go check it out! I'm gonna go log in, change gear and download my current set up for analysis!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 Reasons to Love Kitty

As we've progressed into 25 man raiding, it seems that I'm stuck in the kitty role more often...oh, wait, we're loving kitty here, let me start over...

As we've progressed into 25 man raiding, it seems that my DPS abilities outweigh my tanking role in favor of the Prot Warrior because they can't DPS. Hmmm...I guess that's not exactly positive either.

funny pictures

** 25 Ferocious Bite Points for whoever can define the paradoxical nature of this picture.

As we've progressed into 25 man raiding, it seems that my DPS abilities outweigh my tanking role in favor of the Prot Warrior. Since Druids are a hybrid class, we're able to do several things well; such as tanking and threat generation as well as melee DPS, whereas Protection Warriors can only tank well. Therefore, on encounters where few tanks are needed, I'm relegated to DPS. So, instead of QQing about it, I'm trying to find reasons to love it.

  1. Lower repair costs - Since I'm hiding behind the mob rather than getting beat on, I take less durability damage. However, my manicure expense will go up as all that shredding is hard on the nails. (Think my hubby will buy that?)
  2. Less time spent writing - Since cat DPS is basically Mangle, Shred until you have 5 points, then Rip...rinse and repeat, I can write one 'form' post for boss encounters and then just find and replace the name of the boss. Recycling is good. We'll call them 'Green Posts'.
  3. No watching 'the meters' - Since I'm a hybrid class and my priority goes to Bear gear, I'm not expected to be at the top of the DPS meters. I can now zone, eat my dinner, or type in various chat channels while raiding! No one questions a Druid's lack of DPS...if it was lacking, I'd be tanking like the Prot Warriors! And...if anyone does question it, I have a plethora of excuses; I was in my bear gear as I was tanking [insert mob here] before the boss, I had to pop out to cast Rebirth/Innervate/heals, etc.
  4. ROFLCAT pictures - I can use the funny cat pictures in my blog posts. (see above)
  5. Blog name is appropriate - My blog name would make more ability for a bear blog? What was I thinking?
  6. I get more heals than the other DPSers - Due to my Rebirth and Innervate, I'm a more valuable class in the raid than other DPS classes and therefore get more heals and/or healed first. This helps to make up any deficiencies resulting from #3.
  7. Lag behind to 'herb' mobs - Since I'm not pulling, I can lag behind to herb mobs; such as the Underbog Collosus in SSC.
  8. Fine feline fanny - I'll have a more actractive view as well as more of a view more big bear butt filling up my screen, unless I'm reading the blog.
  9. No worries about loose mobs - Unlike other DPS classes, loose mobs are not a concern. I can just switch to bear and continue on...then giggle when the warriors tries and is unable to take the mob back. l2dps, nub! ;p
  10. No watching the threat meters - If I pull aggro, I can just switch to bear form, then giggle as stated under #9.

Disclaimer: This post is intended for humor only. It is not a guide by which to be followed nor is it followed by the author...well, except for the giggling part when a prot warrior tries to re-establish threat when I accidently (yes, accidently!) pull aggro.

Monday, February 18, 2008

View My Pet Collection!

I was poking Warcraft Pets and discovered that if you set up a log in, you can keep track of your pet collection!

You can view Mooire's pet collection here. I have pets on other characters, but chose to just keep up with only Mooire's as she's my main. I currently have 34 out of 76 pets that I can actually obtain. I have excluded the Murloc pets (not available on US servers), Lucky (Asian promo pet), Engineering BoP pets, the Alliance only quest pet, and the two collector's edition pets that Mooire doesn't have (had to pick 1 out of 3 options and the Panda won).

Out of the 42 remaining pets, I really only want 7 of them; Chuck, who will be in patch 2.4, Hyacinth Macaw, Peanut, Phoenix Hatchling (must have!!), Rocket Chicken, Smolderweb Hatchling, and Winter's Little Helper.

I really hope they put in the Pet Bag, because I need 2 of them!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Non-Writing Mood

I guess I've kinda been in a non-writing mood and I'm not sure why. I have a list of things I want to write about and I even sit with the intent to write about them, but I then think, "Meh, I don't wanna write." Oddly, I'm writing right now...just not about anything interesting, informative, or important. ;p So, what's up with that?

I don't know if it's the spin down of work and I need to be in a vegetative state for a while. Or, perhaps, I'm reading far too many WoW blogs and then find I don't have much time left for my own blog. Or, maybe, after the holidays and then busy work time of the year and throw in taking a class this semester and you get messy house and piled up laundry and then I feel guilty blogging when I should be cleaning. Or, it could be my allergy struggles with our Texas winds changing directions ever two's hard to think and focus when your sinuses are screaming. Or, more likely, all of the above!

Even with all that, I do miss writing even though my desire has temporarily waned. I also feel guilty that I haven't been writing as much and that my entries since December have not been as good as those prior (IMO). I'm sure the tide will change, though, and soon you all will be thinking, "Gah, won't Mooire shush already?!?!"

Gonna go fold clothes and, at least, get one of those nagging things off my list!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy New Petzors!

After a couple of days of farming by Morela and Keirelle (I helped some too, but they were far more dedicated than I), all the girls in our guild have a new little friend...Peddlefeet. Even though he's a bit creepy looking...he grows on you and you just can't help but love him!

For all of you who are still trying to get this little fella, Keirelle discovered that the trainers have a higher chance of giving him than the guards...or, at least, that was the case with all the ones they got. Two came from the Skinning Trainer in Undercity and the others came from various trainers in Orgrimmar. So, if you still want this Goblin Cupid, talk to the more obscure NPCs with hearts rather than the dime a dozen guards.

For all their work and ceaseless dedication to continue farming until we all had our new pets, Morela and Keirelle will be getting 100 FB points each. :D This also fits nicely with my evil plan to get Souldrain to farm me a Disgusting Oozeling as he hates to lose and having two people (one of which is his lovely wife!) with more points than him should do it. ;p

BTW, Morela coined the phrase 'Happy New Petzor!' and I'm using it before she has time to get it copywrited!

Along with our new pet, we also ended up with a ton of the Silver Shafted Arrows which I have come to love as it allows us to give anyone we want a pet whether they want it or not! Best quote of the night...

Baklor says, "Why do I have a fairy floating around my ass?"

Well, actually, I think all the guys thought the best quote of the night was really...

Baklor says, "Panzerr will pull the thong off of Nae"

Thong is what we call the green triangle and Nae is Asheron's Call name that still follows me...thankfully, cause I like it better than Mooire. Baklor was giving tanking instruction and, well, it just came out wrong. O.o

Monday, February 11, 2008

Has it really...

Been almost a week since I last posted? O.O Where did the time go? Was I abducted by aliens?

Well...what has happened this last week?

New Bosses

We downed Hex-Lord Malacrass as well as Zul'jin in ZA. However, I wasn't present for the Zul'jin, does it really count? ;p


I finally got the last of my badge loot for my kitty set. I no longer 'need' to farm badges for gear! Yippy!! I do, however, have to sit down and take a look at all my kitty gear and find the best mix-and-match combination for DPS with using two of the T4 pieces I have for the 2 set bonus. Once I decide, I'll post it here.

Ferocious Bite Points

I'm sure that those of you who watch the FBP board have noticed that Souldrain has taken a commanding lead. After his unsuccessful attempts to extort points by kidnapping my Spell Checker, he finally got smart and bought them with an Emerald Whelpling. I'll have to put up more quotes for you all to earn points with and over take him because I still want a Disgusting Oozeling and Souldrain doesn't like to lose. ;)

Blog Stuff

I have a lot of stuff I want to do to 're-vamp' my blog, but it will have to wait a while. I also have several posts I've been either working on or not working on or somewhere in between that I need to finish up. It's just been busy. And my spell checker still doesn't work. /sigh

Real Life

Work is starting to settle down now. However, I still have more to do to close out the end of the year and do tax prep for a few more clients.

That's about it, nothing too terribly exciting...and now I have to run off to work. Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How do you 'Reader'?

I think most of us use some sort of reader to alert us to updated blogs. I, personally, use Google Reader. I didn't research readers. One of the bloggers I read mentioned Google reader and being the lazy person I am, I just went out and got it without putting any effort into research.

Anyway, I use my reader as my 'morning paper'. After I wake up, I make myself some tea...most often Chai Tea, but I also mix it up with Green Tea, Earl Grey, Lucky Irish, Oolong, etc...then I sit down and read the various posts that have been made as I slowly wake up.

I'm not a morning person. So, having this quiet time to drink my tea and read posts helps me to wake up without all the grumpiness that we noctural beings can get when forced to live in a morning person's world.

Most often, though, I do save some posts to read later in the day after I've returned from work. These post are typically the ones that have math and theorycrafting in them. I'd like to read them in the morning...I really would...but, my brain just does not funtion that early, so I'll skip them and save them for later when I can actually understand what the author is writing.

So, do you have a routine of when you read?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Kan Speel!!!

Fur sum reesun my speel chekerz no werks.

I don't know why, but for the last couple of days, when I click on my spell check icon it does nothing. This makes me very sad as I am horrible at spelling! Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know how to fix it? I've even re-booted and it still doesn't work. :'(

Successful Rebirthing for All

One of the most critical moments for a Druid of any spec is the moment we're asked to combat rez (Rebirth) someone...which can lead to one of the most frustrating and heart-wrenching moments for a Druid, when the newly rebirthed person dies soon after. It's enough to make a Druid cry big cow tears...even the Night Elf ones. Successful Rebirths are a synergistic process; both the rebirther and the rebirthee must work together to ensure the rez is quick and successful.

Typically, when a Rebirth is requested by the Raid Leader, it is because the person who died is integral to the success of the encounter; such as a healer, off-tank, or one of the top DPSers. It's important that the Rebirth happens quickly, efficiently, and successfully so that the deceased person and the Druid can both get back to their assigned tasks.

Location, location, location...

All too often I'm asked to rez someone and I end up running all over the room just looking for them. Sadly, I seemed to have missed the real life talent 'Improved Directionality' as I always run in the opposite direction from where they are located. This is bad as it means I'm not adding to DPS or available to tank or heal during the time I'm running around like a chicken with no head. This problem has only gotten worse as we've progressed into 25 man content as the 'boss rooms' are larger and have more line of site issues than the ones in 5 mans, Karazhan, or Zul' Aman.

The first step to a successful Rebirth, then, is letting the Druid know where you lie dead. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked to rez someone during The Lurker Below encounter and when I ask them where they are, the response is "Way in the back."

Ok...way in the back where? There is about 360 degrees of 'way in the back' and if I run 'way in the back' in one direction and you're 'way in the back' in the other direction then it's even further for me to run 'way in the back' in the opposite direction to get to you 'way in the back.' /sigh and end rant.

This can easily be solved by pinging the map. It's so simple. You just hover your mouse over your location on the map and click! No, seriously.

Ping. The. Map.

So, when the raid leader says, "Rez So-and-so." So-and-so should respond with, "Pinging location" along with a simple ping. This will ensure that the Druid heads straight for you and does not waste time running around trying to find you. It also gives more time for the Druid to position themselves out of AoE areas so the newly rebirthed person has less of a chance to die. This brings us to the second ping...errr...thing on location. As the Druid is casting their rez, they should...

Ping the map.

This will give the person who is being rebirthed an opportunity to maneuver their camera to get a visual on where they will spawn once they accept and, more importantly, what is going on in that area.

Along with pinging, when possible, the Druid should find as safe a location as possible to rez them into. If the Druid is off-tanking and performing the rez between hateful stricks, this isn't an option. If the Druid is the main healer on the main tank, they are limited to how far they can go to find a safe spot as they still have to keep their HoTs on the tank. But, when possible, try to find an area away from the boss or mobs and out of range of AoE or damage effects.

Assessing Before Accepting

Accepting your Rebirth is the most critical part. Even though Rebirth rezzes a person with more health and mana than any of the other resurrection spells, it's still a nominal amount. On the highest ranked Rebirth, it's only 3200 health and 3200 mana. If you accept and spawn into a Cave-In in Gruul's Lair, you will die. If you accept right as Lurker's Spout is happening, you will die. If you accept right before a sacrifice is due on Illhoof, you run the risk of a fast death if you are chosen. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

Too often, the rebirthee is anxious to get back in and DPS, heal, or whatever and they quickly click that accept button with no idea of where or what or when they will spawn. Before you accept your rez, assess the situation in the area where the Druid was standing when they cast their spell.

Sadly, I still hear, "Don't accept, you're in [insert damage effect here]." When the danger is on the person's corpse and the area I have rezzed them to is safe. Just in case you have forgotten...

When a person is rezzed, they pop up at the rezzer's location.

Which is why it's important for the Druid to ping their location while they are casting the's a 2 second have time for a quick ping.

So, before hitting that accept button:

  1. Check out the area where the Druid is standing to see if any damage effects are in play.
  2. Check out the area to see if any mobs who might cleave you, etc. are nearby.
  3. Check out Boss Mob timers for any upcoming events that would kill you with low health.

If the area is clear and no events you should avoid are about to happen then accept, otherwise, wait until it is safe.

The Newly Rebirthed

As soon as you've accepted your Rebirth is when you are the most vulnerable. You spawn with 3200 health and mana, no buffs, and in a completely different location. However, if you have assessed the area prior to accepting, you've overcome one of the hurdles to survival.

Ideally, the Druid who rezzed you should, at least, toss a few HoTs your way as well as a baby MotW. However, the other healing classes should be aware of who is being rezzed and who is rezzing them. If the rezzer is a Resto Druid on 'raid healing' duty, then they should be able to restore the newly rebirthed member to full health. However, if the rezzor was a Feral Druid squeezing the task in between hateful strikes, then a quick heal from one of the healers is necessary. Also, buffing classes should be ready to toss some baby buffs on the newly rebirthed.

If, by chance, you don’t get enough heals, bandage. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to ensure you are in the best possible shape before entering back into combat.

Tag-Team Rebirthing

If more than one Druid is in the raid and multiple people have died, including one of the Druids, then they will do what I call ‘tag-team’ rezzing. The remaining Druid will rez the deceased Druid and then the newly rebirthed Druid will rez another member.

This ‘tag-team’ rezzing works very well. However, the initial Druid as well as the other healers will need to help bring both the newly rebirthed people up to full health. Rebirth consumes 68% of the Druid’s base mana. Since the rebirth Druid spawns with only 3200 mana, it’s likely, especially if they are feral, that they will not have enough mana to HoT and baby buff themselves and the person they rez. In fact, I can say definitely that it can not be done!

We did a ‘tag-team’ rez in the Lurker encounter the other day and I slapped a Rejuv on myself and the person I rezzed as well as baby MotWs and did not have enough mana to go back into form. Oops. Thank Elune for Omen of Clarity!

Multiple Druids

If there is more than one Druid in the raid and a rez is requested, one of the Druids should speak up and say, "Mooire is rezzing So-and-so!" This helps to ensure that two Druids aren't running around looking for the person and trying to rez them. The goal of a combat rez it to get people back into combat. If multiple Druids are attempting the same rez, then that's at least 5 seconds that 3 or more people are out of combat. A simple announcement can alliviate that.

In Summary
  1. Both the rebirther and the rebirthee should ping the map with their locations.
  2. The Rebirthee should assess the situation of the raid and spawn location prior to accepting.
  3. After accepting, it's a raid team effort to get the person back into raid viability. However, the rebirthee should bandage if they aren't healed.
  4. Tag-team rezzes need extra healing help.
  5. Druid should announce if they are taking the rez task when more than one Druid is in the raid.

If all these steps are followed, then you and the person you're rezzing should survive the process of Rebirth enabling you to rejoin the raid and contribute to it's success.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Doomwalker meets his Doom

After we left SSC Wednesday, we headed out to SMV to have another go at Doomwalker. This time, we were prepared and unrushed as the servers were not about to be shut down.

Baklor was back online and he served as our main tank. We also had pulled in several more people to add to those that were in the raid from SSC. So, we had 31 people, plus two Alliance Paladin's named Broon (Prot) and Korvecdal (Holy) from Dark Origin guild who saw us preparing and were nice enough to lend us a hand. (I'm pretty sure the second one was named Korvecdal. I only saw her at the start and it's sort of a difficult name to remember. So, if I got it wrong, my apologies!)

Honestly, I was surprised at how easy this boss was. We were undermanned and had very little trouble downing him. Oddly, the loot he dropped was the Talon of the Tempest X 2.

Anyway, it's nap time so I'm gonna keep this short. That it. Another job well done by the Rogue Angels! And, thanks again to Broon and Korvecdal!!! You two rock!!

Tidewalker meets Tide Breaker!

We've been solidly working through SSC and, after clearing Hydross, Lurker, Leo, and Karathress on Tuesday, we went in Wednesday to get acquainted with Tidewalker. Since we only had 6 healers, our plan was to acclimate ourselves to the fight and see how far we could go.

Thankfully, Karthis from Of Teeth and Claws had written a nice tanking strat which I read and posted on our guild forums. We followed this method of tanking and tank position (we did try one other but we all decided this one was better) for our attempts. I also followed his advise on trinket usage based on when and how many healers were sent to their watery graves.

However, having only 6 healers made it a challenge and we consistently died around the 35-45% range. As the night wore on and we continued to work on him, it finally came down to our last attempt before trash respawns and, due to our amazing healers, we make it past 35% and all the way to Tidewalker dead!!!

I'd like to thank Soontir, Ledde, Swiftlight, Pk, Aquenzi, and Hinek (who's really Maulmorr one of our MTs) for the fantastic job they did healing me and everyone else. They are the ones that earned this kill. :)

The only downside to the encounter was that Baklor, our GM (best GM evah!) and #1 MT, was not there. :( He had a family commitment and didn't get on in time.

After we took pictures and distributed loot (I don't remember what we got and I'm too lazy to go look it up) we decided to go take a look at Lady Vashj. As we stood their gazing at her Medusa like hair and her multiple arms reminiscent of Nataraja we decided to run up, and smack on her a bit. After a few people take off their armor, I charge in and start pawing at her. We successfully made it through phase 1 and into phase 2. We actually stay alive in phase 2 long enough to get an idea of how...well, chaotic it will be before we all succumbed to her minions.

After we ran back...we headed out to SMV for a bit of Doomwalker fun...story to come later!