Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This Week in Fishing

I need to get around to posting more than the weekly fishing update! I have lots of posts swimming around in my head. I just need to find the time to get them written.

The quests for the week were:

5/6TuesdayFelblood Fillet
5/7WednesdayShrimpin Aint' Easy
5/8ThursdayShrimpin Aint' Easy
5/9FridayThe One That Got Away
5/10SaturdayFelblood Fillet
5/11SundayCrocolisks in the City
5/12MondayBait Bandits

The quests for the week seemed to be fairly even. I was happy that Crocolisks in the City came up again this week. Hopefully it will be making, at least, a weekly appearance. I still have no baby croc pet though. Since Sunday was baby croc quest day I was really hoping for one as a Mother's Day prezzie.

The percentages for the quests this week and for 4/13 - 5/12 are:

Quest% This Week% 4/13-5/12
Bait Bandits14%21%
Crocolisks in the City14%14%
Felblood Fillet29%29%
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy29%14%
The One That Got Away14%21%

Last week I predicted that this would be a Shrimpin' week. It came up twice, however I was expecting it to come up at least three times. The overall percentage, from 4-13 to date, seems to be rounding out a bit. Had I been keeping track since 2.4 went live, Shrimpin would be higher and Crocs would be lower.

No interesting loot to speak of this week, just the assorted rusted lock and spyglass.


BigBearButt said...

Hey, I think you commented while I was still updating my last blog post.

My shifting perspectives article actually links to your blog.

You've got 1 hour before the flood of WI readers come checking out your fishing posts.

have fun!

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