Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How do you throw away a trash can?

After reading BBB's breakfast topic on watches, I thought I'd toss this one out into the mix.

How do you throw away a trash can? I'm not talking about one of those decorative ones you have in the bathroom that match the kleenix box, soap dispenser, etc., nor am I talking about the small one under your desk. What I'm talking about are the mondo ones that range anywhere from 30 to 90+ gallons that you keep in the garage to hold the bagged trash from the smaller trash cans in the house until trash day.

A few years ago, I bought a really nice 96 gallon trash can, with wheels and a hinged lid, to contain our bagged trash. A couple of summers ago...a really hot, Texas of the bags leaked. It was probably after one of those 'OMG, I have to clean out the refridgerator!' moments and it leaked all kinds of icky old veggie slim into our huge trashcan. Then, after the trash people dumped it into the stinky trash truck, they closed the lid (why is it they only time they leave the lid open is when it's raining?) and there is sat, in 100+ degree weather, with all kinds of stinky grossness baking into the plastic...and worse yet...growing critters.

So, I get home and walk to the curb to drag the trash can back to the garage. I had bought the huge trash can with wheels specifically so I could easily take the trash out after a period when the guys of the house kept 'forgetting' to take it out. As I approached the trash can I could smell that things were not good and in my female ignorance, I opened the lid!!! To say I freaked, ran in the house screaming, dipped my hands in boiling water, and burned my clothes would be an understatement!

After thoroughly washing my hands...three scalding water, I called my husband and told him what was going on and that I was going to go buy a new trash can and didn't want that other, disgusting one, any where near our house...not even in the garage. To which he responded with a question...

"How do you throw away a trash can?"

Do you set it out at the curb with the trash? If it's empty, will they take it? It's not like you can bag it as they don't make 100+ gallon bags. How, exactly, do you get rid of it?

We eventually decided to leave the trash can at the curb, with the lid open, for a few days for the critters to either turn to flies or roast in the hot sun. Then, we had one of the boys hose it down outside and wash it. However, I still, to this day, will not touch that trash can.


Anonymous said...

Tape a sign to the side of the can, saying "for disposal".

"Accidentally" run it over with the minivan, or "accidentally" stand on it (if it gives you the heebie-jeebies, wear hip boots) and break it. Put pieces in the new trash can.

I've had garbage can critter problems before. Bleah.

Karellen said...

I have several medieval weapons lying around the house, which in addition to being great for home protection are perfect for disposing of inordinately large materials and/or things that are fun to smash. While a large trash can may be difficult to hack apart with a viking sword, I'd imagine it to be quite fun.

Favorite thing I ever smashed- a huge ceramic lamp. One hit with a sturdy mace and that fucker turned into a cloud- and made the coolest noise I've ever heard. I also smashed somebody's metal mailbox into a pulp during a storm. The next morning I drove by their house and there was a huge tree branch in the yard, on the other side of the yard from the mailbox, which had apparently been felled by the storm. The dude was standing out on the front steps surveying the carnage with a look of utter bewilderment. It was great.

Anonymous said...

Contact your local waste removal company. I located mine by searching my city website under the departments. usually it will be labeled as wast removal.

You can either arrange for the item to be picked up, which will probably cost money. Or you can drop it off at their facility to be recycled if it is made of plastic. They will also empty it for you since it is a trash can and it is what they do.

So yeah, check their web site and ask quetions.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of BLEACH ? my god , those cans are quite expencive! I can't immagine getting rid of a garbage can baecause it "stinks" after all, it's a garbage can , not a vase of roses .