Saturday, March 15, 2008

/cast [target=Mooire] Rebirth

Although I wasn't really dead, I have been experiencing much work agro.  However, since corporate taxes are due by March 15th and my last client was completed on Thursday, I'm happy to say, "I'm done!"  Well, except for my own, personal taxes.  But, other than putting together my mileage log, that should be quite easy.

I'm sorry that as work increase I had to drop the ball here.  I did miss blogging and had quite a few things come up that I could have blogged about; I just didn't have the time.  And now, I'm terribly behind on all the 2.4 stuff, totally missed the ball on the Lifebloom protest, haven't been active on Blog Azeroth, etc!

The only things I have managed to keep up with these last few weeks is work, raiding, and napping!  Well, raiding until last week when my computer decided to start blue screening every 10 minutes.  My husband ordered me a new one, though, so I should be up and raiding again in a few days.

Well, this was just a wee post to let you all know I'm still here.  I do, however, need to sit and a mana biscuit or two...before I'm ready to be back here in full force again.


Mini buffs please!!!!


jovani said...

We've missed you Nae!! We need ya back!!

- Aq

Stobnor said...

/cast [target=Mooire] Mark of the Wild

Hopefully the bonus to all stats will give you a boost!

Looks like you're back just in time for 2.4 to go in, too - in Europe the patch started downloading from the last maintenance... Hence I'd assume it'll go live over the next one - so Wednesday Night for me.

Karthis said...

Welcome back... I almost emailed you the other day asking where you'd disappeared to! :P

Ferocious Bite said...

Thanks everyone. :)

Conquernfool said...

I almost began to think you had left the blog world like some other good druid bloggers. Glad to see your back and I look forward to your posts again.