Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sabbatical of Unknown Length

I guess I've already started my sabbatical, however I should at least post something so you all aren't left wondering.

It's summer and I have a ton of things on my to do list before I resume classes again in the fall. I hate that my blogging is the thing that is being (and has been since December) sacrificed, but of all the things on my plate, this is the most 'optional' and does take up quite a bit of time.

I do still love writing and blogging, but each post (of stubstance) can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to research, write, edit, re-write, etc. Not to mention, the 2 hours a day I've spent reading other's blogs. That's a lot of time that, right now, I need to devote to house projects and other things. I will still keep up with reading blogs, although, quite possibly, at a reduced level. I know that each and everyone one of my fellow bloggers puts in a lot of time and effort to post for us that read them as well as staying active in the blogging community and I truely appreciate all that...especially knowing the time committment it takes.

I am still raiding and we have been making excellent progress in T6 content and I'm even tanking more than I was in T5 content. I still enjoy WoW and my guild (we've been expanding) and I do not have any plans to quit...which is why something has to be reduce (blogging).

I'm sure I'll be back at some point. I just don't have a time frame of when that will be. I appreciate you all taking the time to read my blog over the last year as well as those who have linked me in their blog rolls. I truely hate having to cut back in this area and will return when I can.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This Week in Fishing

I need to get around to posting more than the weekly fishing update! I have lots of posts swimming around in my head. I just need to find the time to get them written.

The quests for the week were:

5/6TuesdayFelblood Fillet
5/7WednesdayShrimpin Aint' Easy
5/8ThursdayShrimpin Aint' Easy
5/9FridayThe One That Got Away
5/10SaturdayFelblood Fillet
5/11SundayCrocolisks in the City
5/12MondayBait Bandits

The quests for the week seemed to be fairly even. I was happy that Crocolisks in the City came up again this week. Hopefully it will be making, at least, a weekly appearance. I still have no baby croc pet though. Since Sunday was baby croc quest day I was really hoping for one as a Mother's Day prezzie.

The percentages for the quests this week and for 4/13 - 5/12 are:

Quest% This Week% 4/13-5/12
Bait Bandits14%21%
Crocolisks in the City14%14%
Felblood Fillet29%29%
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy29%14%
The One That Got Away14%21%

Last week I predicted that this would be a Shrimpin' week. It came up twice, however I was expecting it to come up at least three times. The overall percentage, from 4-13 to date, seems to be rounding out a bit. Had I been keeping track since 2.4 went live, Shrimpin would be higher and Crocs would be lower.

No interesting loot to speak of this week, just the assorted rusted lock and spyglass.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, that didn't work out how I wanted.  I pulled up the previous 'This Week in Fishing' post to edit it rather than creating an entirely new one and all I ended up doing was changing the original post. 

If anyone knows how to copy a published post (within Blogspot or Windows Live Writer) to change it into a new post without over writing the original post, please let me know!

This Week in Fishing

I'm only a day late this time! 

The quests for the week were:

Date Day Quest
4/29 Tuesday Bait Bandits
4/30 Wednesday Bait Bandits
5/1 Thursday Bait Bandits
5/2 Friday Felblood Fillet
5/3 Saturday Bait Bandits
5/4 Sunday Crocolisks in the City
5/5 Monday The One That Got Away


It was obviously Bait Bandits week with that quest coming up four times.  I was happy that Crocolisks in the City came up this week.  After last week, I expected a month to go by before I saw it again.  I still have no baby croc pet though.  C'mon Chuck!

The percentages for the quests this week and for 4/13 - 5/5 are:

Quest %  This Week %  4/13-5/5
Bait Bandits 57% 24%
Crocolisks in the City 14% 14%
Felblood Fillet 14% 29%
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy 0% 10%
The One That Got Away 14% 24%


I'm going to jump out on a limb here and predict that I'll be doing a lot of shrimpin' next week.  /sigh.  That one is my least fav quest.

As far as lewts goes, other than a few Shadow Pearls, I have yet to get any of the fishing items.  Blizzard, you can make that up to me by letting me get Chuck!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Karathress Kill Vid

Bogwraith has made another kill video for RA.  This one shows us killing Fathom Lord Karathress.  He filmed it at a higher resolution so it looks better than the other kill videos.  Also, if you download them they look quite a bit better than streaming them.


You'll see me tanking the first add, then switching to kitty for the remainder of the fight.  As we move to the third add, you can see me b-rez Gud on the left of the screen there. 

Monday, April 21, 2008

This Week in Fishing

After posting last Monday about how Old Man Barlo has only offered the Crocolisk in the City quest twice since 2.4 went live, I decided that I'd start keeping a list of what quests he offers each day for analysis...that'll show Blizzard!!  Here are my results for the past week:




4/15 Tuesday Felblood Fillet
4/16 Wednesday Bait Bandits
4/17 Thursday The One That Got Away
4/18 Friday Shrimpin' Ain't Easy
4/19 Saturday Felblood Fillet
4/20 Sunday Felblood Fillet
4/21 Monday Felblood Fillet


Felblood Fillet has come up 4 times (57%) and all the others once each (14%) with my desired quests, the baby croc one, not coming up at all (0%).  Sadly, most weeks are like this, with one of the above four quests dominating while the Crocolisk in the City quests doesn't come up at all.  I want Chuck, damnit!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Guild Kill Videos

We recently had an influx of members from the guild Tribunal who all seem to be fitting in nicely with the guild.  :)  Similar goals, personalities, know, all those things that help make two groups of people click together nicely and become one group of people fairly quickly.

Anyway, one of our new members, Bogwraith, who is a pretty awesome Arcane/Ice Mage, has been making videos of our boss kills.  So, I thought I'd share them with you all (with permission, of course!). 

Magtheridon's Liar

In this video, you get to see me tanking.  You also get to see Bog's pet turtle, Speedy, Aquenzi's pet frog, Morela's firefly, and Bithan's Dark Whelpling and I think I saw Peanut, Mini Wing, and a Worg pup!  This is important know you wanted to know.  :)


Serpent Shrine Cavern


In this video, we have Maul and Lung tanking Hydross and you see me every once in a while tanking the adds.  I'm on the front right add.  We assign them as front/back and left/right after ummm...well...a wee bit of an issue.  I know you're waiting for my list of who has what pets out, but as Bog's camera was way far out and the resolution isn't real good, it was hard to see (we don't discuss how old I am).  I did see Bog's trusty companion, Speedy and, I think, Mini Wing again, but that was all I could make out.


The Lurker Below

Maulmorr is tanking...I think...he's so far away it's hard to tell.  I didn't see that either Bog or the hunter next to him had little pets out.  We'll have to have 'talks' with them.  If you want to try to find me, you'll have to squint and look to the left side of the video...I'm the wee cat.


Leotheras the Blind

In this video, you get to see Bog die towards the end.  :(  You'll also see me as the cat hopping around trying to stay out of the whirlwind so I don't suffer a similar fate as him.  I was able to make out Aquenzi's frog and a few other pets but, again, the camera was too far out.


Tempest Keep: The Eye

Void Reaver

In this video, you get to watch Bog run around and open his inventory bags a bazillion times.  Bog, go download Tbags and Auto bar please.  ;p  It also grieves me to say that I saw no pets.  How are we even downing these bosses without sufficient pet presence?


High Astromancer Solarian

Maulmorr, Slashappy, and Lung are our tanks.  I'm running around all cat like with my Phoenix Hatchling.  Other pets I see are Speedy, Dark Whelpling, Clockwork Robot, Great Horned Owl, and, I think, a frog...better than the last video, but not nearly enough.


Mount Hyjal

Rage Winterchill

Maulmorr is, once again, our tank for this video.  If you pay attention, about half-way through you'll see me run across the screen from right to left and rez someone.  The true stars of this video were Speedy, White Kitten, Mini Wing, Dark Whelpling, and about 4 or 5 Mojo's.


In the future, I'll post videos as he makes them rather than bombarding you with so many at one time.  Hopefully, by then, he'll have AutoBar and/or Tbags and, more importantly, a better resolution so I might take 'pet roll' more accurately.  ;p