Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hydross Again!

Tuesday evening, we went in for another go at Hydross. We didn't down him as quickly as we did on Sunday, but getting him on the 8th attempt is still respectable.

One of our hiccups was the adds. This time, instead of having 5 tanks, we had 4. Since one of us is tanking the boss, that left 3 of us to pick up 4 adds. Shouldn't be a prob, right? Well, if you have me giving out directions, it is!

So, we're standing there looking at Hydross. We decide that I'll pick up two of the adds. Darma, our other Feral Druid, will pick up one and the Warrior who isn't tanking his Water or Poison form will get the 4th. I quickly announce that I'll take the two East adds. Darma says he'll take the SW add. And Maulmorr says that he and Baklor will take the NW add depending on who is not tanking at the time.

Awesome! We all know our job and we jump in and start the event!

It's time for the first transition where the tank drags Hydross in or out of the transition area to switch him from water to poison form or visa versa. When he switches forms, he spawns 4 adds. In anticipation of this, I move over to my East side so I'm right there where my two new best buddies will appear. I snag one and move over to get the other and...Darma has my add!! He has good threat, so I go pick up the one wandering through the ranged group. We down the adds with a bit of confusion and carry on with DPSing Hydross.

Then it's time for the second transition. I make sure I'm on my East side so I can quickly get my adds. They pop up and I jump on one and Darma is on it too!!! That's supposed to be my add!!!! Well, ok, I let him have it...again...and run off to get my other East add and the one making new friends with our Warlocks and drag them back to Hydross so they can see what fun Seeds of Corruption is.

Third transition, again, I'm on my East side, ready and waiting for my adds. They pop up and I grab one, then go to the other and Darma has him!!! That's MY add!!! Mine, mine, MINE!!!!

Mooire whines to her hubby, "Why is Darma always on my add?"

Hubby replies, "I don't know. I just stab stuff."

Hubby stabs stuff.

This continues for a while...both Darma being on my add and my whining to my hubby.

After we wipe and people point out that the adds not being contained quickly enough is a problem, we then go over our assigned adds. After much debate, pointing, verbal direction spouting, left and right and front and back usage it is determined that North is not the direction that Mooire faces.


It's not?

But, that little pointy thing on the map was pointing towards Hydross which is the direction I was facing, so shouldn't that be North?

Apparently not.

North is...

/points in some random direction that probably still isn't North.

that way!

So, after tossing verbal commands such as North, South, East, and West, we decide to use left, right, front, and back. Which is still risky as I'm left handed and tend to get those confused too.


After double checking with my husband that what I think is right is indeed right and not left, we go in for another go. Things go more smoothly with the adds and we eventually down him.

Poor Darma. All that time he was on the add he was assigned and I was the one confused! I just hope he was laughing at me and not cussing me. ;p

/hugs Darma


Evehn said...

I'm sure you got to hear all my fun comments from the rogue channel. :)

With all that confusion, it still wasn't as great as Bak pulling the wrong way for transition. LOL

Ferocious Bite said...

LMAO, actually, I didn't get to hear any of the rogue chatter.

And Bak pullin the wrong way was pretty priceless. ;p

Karthis said...

5 tanks is probably overkill, and will hurt your raid DPS. Hydross is partially a DPS race (10m enrage timer) so I'd stick with 4 tanks.

The way we manage adds is:

Poison phase: Frost nova them in place immediately, one add tank picks up one, another add tank picks up two, the out-going Hydross tank picks up the forth.

Water phase: Banish one (only once! no re-banish), add tanks pick up one each, as does the out-going Hydross tank.

All assignments are given in terms of back/front left/right where those directions are relative to the ramp leading to Hydross' platform.

Karthis said...

Oh - and our best Hydross wipe so far had to be a searing totem pulling him across the line right after transition, getting smooshed, and then the tank getting MDed to pull him back.

12 adds FTL!

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Karthis

We did frost nova the poisen ones, but we didn't do the banish trick on the water phase. I'll definately suggest that.

And...we had a few wipes like that too. ;p Fun times!!

Baklor said...

ZOMG, will i never live this down, with 1600 latency im suprised i was even able to hold him

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Baklor

Do you *ever* live anything down? ;p