Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rawr Goes Kitty!

We're all familiar with Rawr, the program that lets you compare tanking gear based on mitigation and survival points, and how useful it is in determining your optimal gear, gem, and enchant composition. Well, they've just gone Kitty! In version 11b of Rawr, you now have the option of comparing DPS gear and how it effects your stats in Cat form.

The stats and calculations used for the Cat model within Rawr are based on Toskk's Feral DPS Gear Methodology. I won't summarize the info here as I haven't yet absorbed all the information and, frankly, I wonder if I ever will! However, it's linked and if you wanna know the math, you can go read it there.

Version 11b has been updated with 2.4 PTR data as of 2/15. So, we have the ability to explore the new gear items and plan our badge stockpiles!

Go check it out! I'm gonna go log in, change gear and download my current set up for analysis!


SuraBear said...

Your title made me chuckle, especially since yesterday, I wrote a post entitled "The Bear Goes . . . Mew?" MewBear meets RawrKitty. . . can dire cat form be far behind?

Anyhow, I shall have to check that out, since I dont generally put nearly as much thought into cat DPSing as I do bear tanking.

SuraBear said...

PS: I just noticed, you have me on your blogroll twice. And while I'm not one to say no to free advertising . . . *grin*

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Surabear

Doh! For some reason, I thought I hadn't yet added you and had been feeling VERY bad about my procrastinating! I get -50 points for observation!

Like you, I don't put much thought into my cat gear. However, as I've been DPSing more of late, I should. Thankfully, the program now supports cat form and gear which mean less thinking for me!!

Anonymous said...

My only problem with rawr is that it's WIndows only - was actually coming to this blog to see if you had done an update for the 2.4 gear...

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Niten

I haven't updated the Huge Hoss spreadsheet for the 2.4 items. I'm not sure when or if I will as this is my busy time of year at work. If I can get to it before someone else does, I will. :)