Thursday, April 3, 2008

Annoyance Factor = 10

In my efforts to assist the Shattered Sun Offensive, I've been doing my daily quota of dailies. One such quest, Gaining the Advantage, has been a source of annoyance for me...not so much the quest itself (frankly, the drop rate could be higher), but the act of herbing in Flight Form.

Now, I'll be honest here...I'm not an active herbalist. I farm when it's in, I'm out killing something and...oh lookie! There is an herb at my paws! I guess I'll pick it. I rarely ever fly around 'farming herbs' as I just don't have the attention span for such activities.

However, with Gaining the Advantage and the drop rate of the residue being so low, by the time we're done with our SSO daily quests, I still need 2-4 residue. So, here I am, standing in Shat, with a quest half way to mostly done, and with 1 precious pack spot being taken up with residue. Now I feel compelled to do the dreaded 'farming run' which leads to the point of my frustration.

I understand the reasoning for removing our ability to pick herbs while flying and it's not that which irritates me. What irritates me is that our animation is ALWAYS flying. Since I always appear to be flying, 90% of the time when I try to 'pick' my herb, I get the 'You can not pick herbs while flying' message. Then, I spend another 30 seconds making several micro adjustments and picking attempts trying to get my position just right so I can pick the damn flower!!

Yes, I know I could just change forms. However, that is not the point. The point is, Blizzard gave us the ability to pick in that form if we are on ground, yet neglected to give us an animation change so we would know we were on ground! In fact, there have been numerous times where my birdie feet were under ground and the game still considered me 'flying'!!! It's extremely frustrating!

We went from not being able to pick herbs in Flight Form, to being able to pick them from 5 yards above the herb...and mobs, to having to be 'on ground' to pick yet with no way to know if you're 'on ground'. Honestly, I think this is the worst of the 3 options!

/rant off


Brandon Tilley said...

I'm not sure if this still works, because I'm not 70 yet, but has this to say:

"If you are at ground level, you can land on the ground or objects by commanding your character to sit, movement of any kind will put you back into flight. if you are unable to land on an object, you can shift to caster form, stand on the object and then, without moving shift back to Flight form and order your character to sit."

Anonymous said...

I LOVE herbing in flight form. Just land on the herb and hit the X (down) key once or twice so you're longer flying. If you're using the default button bars, you can tell you're on the ground when your abilities light up.

Anonymous said...

It's equally annoying trying to work out if my Nether Ray has landed. Will try the sit thing too.

Don said...

If I get the flying error, I just hit X and try again.

Herbing in flight form saves me so much time, it's crazy. I only ever mount up for long casual flights. Otherwise, Epic Flight Form + Herabalism for the win!

Karthis said...

Don't try to do that quest all in one day - the drop rate is total crap. Hand it in when it's done, no matter how many days it take.s... it can consume hours at peak time.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you, but that quest is for your own rep only, it doesn't advance the offensive...

In each phase there are only two or three quests that actually advance the town, and the three dailies you start with in Shatt aren't don't ever advance the effort.

Here is a helpful chart, the progression dailies are in blue

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Maulmorr said...

Yeah, for the past couple of days since I got my alt his epic mount, I've just been participating in the phase 2 dailies and soon-to-be phase 3 dailies & anvil daily. It takes way too much time out of the day to be doing all of these...they were fun for about 3 days, then I just did them to accelerate my gold grind.

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Brandon Tilley

I'll have to try the sit thing. I hadn't thought about that.

@ Anon and Don

Hitting the down arrow is what I have been doing and it doesn't always work. That is where my frustration lies; I hit down, try again, can't, rinse and repeat several times. :(

@ Karthis

I only tried to do it all in one day the first time. After 30 minutes, I had 2 residue and decided forget that! Now I just work it in while 'out and about'. However, when I'm down to just needing a couple more to turn it in, I do try to knock those out.

@ Anon

I'll check out those charts, thx!

@ Maulmorr

Actually, Gankszor and I do all the SSO (shat and island) dailies in less than an hour. They really don't take a lot of time considering you're doing about 8 or so quests.

Ror of MIB said...

For me the best drop rate is from the mana thistle at the Ogres above Aldor rise and from terocones in Terrokar forrest. I usually have my dust in a few minutes between doing the phase daily in Nagrand and flying to do the egg bombing at Skettis.I still herb while flying (unless they nerfed it since last night).I just zoom in at ground level and either stop short or just beyond the herb but in range to activate herbing. I never land or shift to do it but I have noticed that sometimes my toon will appear to land after I have looted the herb if I'm slow to get up.

Souldrain said...

I demand new content!