Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Cleaning - Say Hello to April Fools!

Yes, yesterday's post was a trick. I did not delete any of my pets. How could I? They are my babies!!!

Sadly, after making that post I felt horrible! I felt as though I'd betrayed each and every one of my little buddies. Yes, I know they are just pixels. But, in game, they are my pets...who follow me...everywhere...and bring me good luck...and help down bosses...and, and, and, I've become attached to the wee critters! And just even pretending that I had deleted them made me feel cruel and heartless! Not to mention it was a lie. O.O I hate lying! And not just out-right, bold-face lies, but even those little twists of the truth that people so often do to ever so slightly skew the truth while convincing themselves they are being 'honest' when in all reality they are not and only trying to make themselves look better when they've done something wrong.

So, needless to say, what I thought would be a fun April Fools joke did nothing but make me feel bad. LOL I know that's silly. It was just a joke. But, none-the-less, it went against the very essence of my soul! I believe, next year, I'll leave the jokes to others. ;)


Miraye - EU Argent Dawn said...

Phew. I'm relieved. -Very- relieved. I just couldn't reconcile that thought with you, and I almost thought I had lost another pet-crazy fellow... Good to see you're still as enthusiastic as ever :)

Lung said...

Nah the real April Fools was Maul letting you tank in SSC a little bit. Back to DPS for joo!

Pesce said...

I could never delete my One Eye'd Sleepy Willy. He is my alter ego, my better half, my brother in arms and the brunt of many jokes. He is so ugly just the thought of joking about deleting him would break my heart. I would never again know what to do with my hands.