Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alliance Pet Mill

It all started with the White Kitten. I didn't plan on building a full scale Alliance Pet Mill, it just sort of happened. But, lets face it, the Alliance pets are cuter and they have 4 more pets than the Horde does. And why shouldn't I have all the pets I want....even if by nefarious means? And even though pet mills are evil these are Alliance pets, so, it's ok. So, I've decided to develope this article which explains how my pet mill evolved and the best strategy for developing you're own Alliance Pet Mill.

But, like I said, I didn't start with the intention of building a pet mill, I just wanted a kitty. While perusing Breanni's Warcraft Pets website, I noticed that the White Kitten was not only sold in limited supply but, it was also sold by a vender that rarely spawns....on the Alliance side.....I'm, not only would this little kitten be rare for the Alliance, it would be very rare for the Horde. I had to have one!!!

I promptly sent my husband a link to the white kitten on gtalk and told him I wanted one...which he correctly interpreted as, 'Get wife white kitten ASAP.' Since he was at work, I did all the research to find out who sold it, where he spawned, and what path he walked. I also read comments on both Wowhead and Thottbot to discover any known spawn times or tips and tricks to find him. Of course, all the while, sending him IMs of any new bits of information I gleened. By the time he got home, he knew this was a #1 priority.

After dinner (yes, I let him eat first), he made a little human character on his son's account (we're on a PvP server) and began leveling him to earn the 60s to purchase my little kitten. By the time he got to level 6, he was no where close to the purchase price and decided he'd run the baby char to Booty Bay, put up his Tough Jerky for a few gold, and be done with it.

Well, his baby char is level 6 and he had to run to Booty Bay....through Stranglethorn Vale....on a PvP server. That's a long run, through a lot of baddies, that have an extremely large agro range when it comes to being only level 6. Finally, after dying several times and reaching that 6 minute timer to rez, he decided to run to Ratchet and take the a ghost! Yes! You can take the boat in ghost form and when you get to the other zone, use the Spirit Guide to rez without being transported to the graveyard near your body. So, he rezzes at the graveyard near Booty Bay and has to run through the tunnel and all the way through town. Surprisingly, most of the Horde ignored him except for one level 41 rogue. /sigh. I told the rogue to leave him alone....even a level 70 Alliance Shaman emoted 'No' to him, but he was a jerk and killed him anyway and promptly jumped into the water to avoid death.

By this time, my wonderful husband was a little more than irritated with the kitten quest I'd set him on and I began to realize how much of a pain it's going to be doing this all over again when he brings my kitten to the auction house. So, I decide that when we do it again, we'd dang sure better make it worth it....we'd better get as many kittens as we can possibly get...and, heck, why not get some of all the other pets too!!! So, before the mean rogue could make his way back to kill my husband again, I had him put his jerky up for a whopping 30g. Surely that would be enough money to get several kittens, moths, owls, and bunnies!

The next day, I set out to build my Alliance Pet Mill Empire!! The first order of business was to aquire my kitten. My husband had already procured flight points (to make the next AH trip easier) and made his way back to Stormwind and positioned his char near Lil Timmy's path. I promptly made a targeting macro so I could run his path (counter clockwise so I'd run into him rather than chase him) and began my search. Thankfully, it didn't take long before Lil Timmy showed up and sold me his kitten!!! I made note of the time and commenced with the other branches of my organization.

I decided that the character my husband made the night before would be the 'hub' character since he had the flight point to Booty Bay as well as 20 somthing gold (30g less AH fees). So, my next task was to set up a Moth buyer. Since the moth vender resides in Exodar, I made a Draenei character, aptly named Mothilda, and ran her straight there. The run was quick and uneventful. After tranfering some money to her I promptly purchased one of each moth and mailed them to our Hub character...COD, of course, so we could replinish her funds.

The next buyer would be for Owls from the Owl Trainer in Darnassus. This time, I made a Night Elf named Owlene and ran her to Darnassus with only one death. After tranferring money to her from the Hub character, I purchased two of each owl and mailed them COD.

The third buyer was for the Snoeshoe Rabbit, so I made a Gnome character, Bunnae, to run to the farm, stopping by the town halfway there to transfer money and hearthstone to avoid the run back to the mailbox. This was the most challenging. Poor, little Bunnae died a few times on the run, then had to chase down the rabbit vender who happens to be chasing a rabbit. Rather than running around like a chicken with your head cut off, watch Yarlen for a few minutes to learn his path, then stand near where he'll be running and be quick like a bunny with your click! Since this was the most aggrivating of venders to buy from...and the cheapest pet to buy....I bought as many as I could afford so I'd make as few trips out there as possible.

After these three purchases and aquiring 4 of the white kittens, I then had my husband run out to Booty Bay to put them on the AH for me to buy on my Horde character. The transfer was fairly uneventful and when all was said and done, I had 4 white kittens, 3 moths, 4 owls, and 8 rabbits!!!

After distributing most of the pets to fellow guildmates and making plans for camping the kitten boy and purchasing more of the other pets, I felt that I needed more variety and decided to add the 4 cats from the Crazy Cat Lady to our pet line. Initially, I had decided not to buy cats as the kitten was better. However, since the kitten is hard to get and flooding the guild with them would ruin their 'specialness' I decided to bring in cats as well.

This time, I made a human, Catrinae. Her run was quick and easy. After making a stop in Goldshire to pick up funds, I trotted over to the Crazy Cat Lady's home and purchased two of each, hearthstoned back, and mailed them to the Hub character.

After making a character for each of the BoE pet venders, I thought, what about the Prairie Chicken? Even though this pet is BoP, wouldn't it be handy to have an Alliance character stationed there just in case one of our guildies really, really wants that chicken? So, I made another human named Chikina and ran her to Sentinal Hill to Hearthstone and pick up money (you have to purchase the feed for the quest). She is now ready and able to get the quest started so my guildmates can aquire their own pet Prairie Chicken!

I expect to make another pet transfer this weekend. So far, I have 5 kittens, 6 moths, 8 owls, 10 bunnies, and 8 cats. I will be making these gifts to some of my guildies. I'm sure at some point I'll sell some on the AH, but right now, it's more fun to give them away. :)

That's the story of Mooire's Alliance Pet Mill. If you want to set up your own, it's pretty easy and, other than camping Lil Timmy, isn't very time consuming. Just make sure that you hearthstone the characters that can't buy and mail in the same town (bunnies, cats, and chicken) in the town closest to the vender's location. Also, it helps to name the characters similar to the pet it purchases so you know who gets which pet. With the exception of our 'Hub' character, all the other ones are still level 1 and have not done any quests or killing. I just made them and ran them to their destination.

Now, some of you may be wondering why all the character have cute names that relate to the pet they purchase except for that first character that buys the kittens. Well, his name is a boring regular name because my husband made that character. I can assure you, had I made him, his....well, it would have been a girl so, her name would have been something like Kittina or Kittenae. ;p

As I said in the beginning, I didn't plan on having an Alliance Pet Mill, it just sort of evolved. :) I hope if you set up your own, this story/guide helps. Please feel free to ask any questions or post comments!


Pesce said...

Once I got my one eye'd sleepy willy, I put all my other pets to pasture. I luv playin with my Willy. I wish our pets could fly in the sky with us tho. Then I'd have a flyin one eye'd Willy.

If you ever see my Willy, its ok to touch him. He don't bite.

World of Warcraft Gold Guides said...

nice post!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Even though this post is a couple of years old I am trying it out now with my significant other (we needed something to do while the instance servers are being fixed). I decided to swim my little human to Booty Bay though since if you stay close enough the shore you don't get fatigued.

Hey if you are still reading could you post your "Lil Timmy" targeting macro? Or is it just /target Lil Timmy ?