Wednesday, September 26, 2007


With the advent of Brewfest, we get a new non-combat pet! For those of you who don't know, I am a pet junkie. It's an addiction...and there is no 12-step plan for it...nor do I want one. ;p So, anytime a new pet is added to the game I get very excited and can't wait to acquire my new baby. :)

With Brewfest, we get a quest to Catch the Wild Wolpertinger (Thanks to Ryvan for the link!) which grants this little fella.

An interesting point to note is that your new friend can only be seen by you and drunk individuals. At first I didn't like this as no one would be able to see my cute little buddy hopping along after me, but then I realized the benefits...I play on a PvP server and when I'm stealthing around all sneaky like in kitty form I can't have any pets out with me as they would give away my position. Which, as you can imagine, is devistating for a pet junkie. However, this little guy can be my new stealth pet as, unless they are drunk, no one will see him but me. :D He also responds to emotes, which I think is a nice addition to non-combat pets and I hope that they make this a regular addition.

I've already sent my husband a link so that he will be well prepared to devote tonight's activities to obtaining out new babies....yes, I make him get all the pets too. ;)

*** Edit ***

My husband just informed me that Brewfest doesn't start until October 2nd. /sigh I guess I have to wait. :(

*** 2nd Edit ***

Added quest link.


Ryvan said...

Ohhhh sweet. I am so getting drunk for this new pet. Err that does not sound right >.<

I am a pet addict also and hoep I can get this one thanks for sharing.

ryvan said...


Wolpertinger Quest!

Ferocious Bite said...

Awesome!! Thank you, Ryvan, I'll update the article right now. :)