Friday, September 14, 2007

Ferocious Nibble!

Welcome to my new blog. I struggled with what to call it....Ferocious Bite as our ability is called or Ferocious Nibble which is the term I like to use. The first time I said Ferocious Nibble, my husband thought I said Ferocious Nipple, so it's a bit of a joke with us and certainly conjures up some odd visual images. O.O

I have no preconceived intentions regarding this blog, so we'll just see where it takes us. It may take us to some informative aspects of Druidism, goofy things that I've done, rants, non-combat pets (of which I love), etc. But first, a wee bit about me, my play style, and playing experience.

My main WoW character is a Feral Druid and she is my only level 70 character. Her name is Mooire and is in the Rogue Angels guild on Detheroc. I began playing WoW as soon as the game came out and was dead set about playing a druid. I played for a bit over a year, then took a nice long break until the expansion came out. There were several reasons for the long break, but one of them was that I hated my druid. She was big and ugly and, OMG, a freakin' cow! She also died a lot (through no fault of mine, of course! ;p ) and I always had to heal (could there be anything more boring?). Honestly, I don't even remember how I was specced back then. I know she was resto and balance, but to what degree of each, I don't recall.

Then, The Burning Crusade came out and I started playing again. This time, however, I went Feral. During my long break, my husband had switched his main character from a Warrior to a Rogue and he assured me that playing feral and stealthing around in kitty form with him would be much better. Immediately, I saw the genious of this! If I'm in kitty form, I don't have to look at my big, ugly cow!!! Awesome! So, as soon as we installed our games and I got my little Netherwhelp pet out of the mail, I went to respec and began my new Druidic life as a sneaky kitty. I soon found out that I loved playing in cat form. I could sneak around mobs, catch them unawares, cower when I got agro and make them beat on my husband, and, best of all, I didn't have to heal! We played our sneaky twosome all the way from 60-70 and had a good time doing it. But, then came the horrid Druid nerf and, suddenly, all our really good druids re-rolled or quit and I was soon asked those three little words that incite terror in a little girl kitty's heart, "Will you tank?"


But, I'm kitty!!! If I tank, that means, I'm out in front...leading....first in.....making decisions.....coding the mobs with lucky charms......taking damage!!! But, I did it, because there was no one else to tank....the old Druids were gone, most of the warriors were Fury, I was it. Did they realize how low they were stooping to ask me to tank? I didn't even know the difference between Growl and Challenging Roar!!! So, I tanked with no clue as to what I was doing. I didn't know what my abilities were and just randomly clicked on the icons. To my amazement, no one seemed to notice I was a big dumb bear!! Or, perhaps they didn't want to run off one of the few playing tanks, I'll never know.

After that night, I studied those strange bear abilities, posted on our guild Druid forums asking questions from our prior tanking bears, began tanking on a regular basis, and soon found that I loved it!!!! I no longer had to worry about getting agro, being hurt, and hoping the healer noticed, that was what I was supposed to do! I no longer had to pay attention to the long, drawn out explanations of strategy except for the part of, "You get the boss and tank him over there." I no longer had to worry about my numbers on the damage meters being good enough. All I had to do was keep the mob(s)/boss on me and away from those squishy people. DONE!! Well, except for keeping them off of Soontir but, it's required that he die a lot. ;p

Anyway, after those early days of the initial glee of realizing the benefits and joys of tanking, I have grown in my tanking abilities and still love it!!! The only time I'm in another form is off-healing on Maiden or Nightbane or Kitty on Shade or Prince. But, most of the time, I'm tanking (unless I'm farming). Even though I've cleared Kara with my guild (usually the off tank, but I have main tanked a few times) and we've progressed onto Gruul's lair (downing the High King and getting Gruul to 20ish %), I consider myself a casual gamer. My gaming time is usually spent in PvE. I have done some PvP, battlegrounds, and even arenas, but I really suck at PvP. Perhaps if I practiced more I'd be better, but.....meh....

Well, that's my introductory post about me and my blog. You can decide if it was a Ferocious Bite or Nibble. ;)

Feel free to comment and give feed back!


Leafshine said...

Welcome! Looking forward to reading more about your ferocious adventures (and body parts)...

Karthis said...

Welcome! Looking forward to reading what another druid tank has to say.

Ricardo Chirino said...

It's nice to see other Druid-related Blogs! I myself started mine not too long ago, it's about my Night Elf Druid Alindore (Emerald Dream US RPPvP). You can check it out at Looking forward to reading more about your adventures! (Be sure to drop me a line on my blog too :) Maybe we can do a link exchange?)


Ferocious Bite said...

Thanks for the welcome!