Friday, September 21, 2007

Three Piece Club

Last night, I officially joined the Three Piece Club, when I finally looted my T4 glove token from Curator!

Well, I supposed I can't say finally as I've looted them once before. I was the first to get a T4 item from Karazhan in our guild and it was so long ago that it was prior to patch 2.1.2 where Blizzard did a massive item upgrade. At that time, the Gauntlets of Malorne were not as good (not even close) as the Verdant Gloves, so I tossed my token in the bank thinking I'd take some time to assess my choice. (Actually, I was a noob and thought the Nordrassil items were T4, otherwise I would not have looted it.) But, everytime I logged in or someone else logged in, I'd get tells in guild chat to link my, I succombed to peer pressure and made a quick, and as it turned out a few weeks later, bad decision. I chose the Handguards of Malorne.

I'll never forget the tears in my Guild Leader's eyes and the hurt in his voice as he said, "Am I losing my Off Tank? I thought we had a bond."

After assuring him that I'd never go resto and that our bond was still intact, I set my new gloves up in my healing gear set in Outfitter and went on my merry way....for a few weeks, at least.

Then Blizzard implemented the 2.1.2 patch and all the items changed. It was exciting and wonderful to see how your stats went up overnight, literally! I couldn't wait for Emmerald to update his items lists so I could see the new rankings of all my current gear and the items that I should now be working towards!!

Then finally, the new lists came out. As I sat at my computer clicking on link after link checking out all the gear that was better than what I had on, I saw it....the Guantlets of Malorne....way up high on the list....where they hadn't even been close to before. I couldn't believe it. Before, they were around number 30 on the list, now they're number 3?!?! Had I known they were going to improve them that much, I'd have gotten them with my token. /sigh

So, I waited, and waited, and waited until everyone who had started running Kara back when we began had gotten their t4 gloves before finally asking our Guild Leader if I could begin rolling on them again or if I needed to wait until the newer Kara folks had upgraded as well. Thankfully, he said I could start rolling....actually, he never said I couldn't roll before, I just thought it would be in ill taste to get 2 before all those people had gotten 1, so I waited to ask. (Actually, I did ask before one member had gotten them, one of our warriors, but I had thought he'd gotten them already or I would have waited until he had to ask.)

So, I get my green light to roll again and then it hits....the dry spell. The Gloves of the Fallen Defender cease to drop. For a long time. A really long time. Did I mention it was a long time?

Then yesterday came along and, prior to our Kara run, I decide to upgrade some gems in my gear. While trying to decide where to put one of my Solid Star of Elune's a fleeting thought runs through my mind, "I bet if I put this gem in my current gloves, I'll get the T4 ones tonight." Already worried that just having that thought enter my mind would jinx the Jedi mind trick I was hoping to orchestrate, I quickly, and without any more thought, popped that gem in my Gloves of Dexterious Manipulation. That was it, I refused to think anymore about my ploy that day as I didn't want the energy of my intent to alert Blizzard.

Then raid time came and we began clearing to Curator. Since one of our DPS was unable to log on, we pulled in the newer druid from Tuesday to continue on as Off Tank and I got to run as Kitty....but, that's another story. So, I'm busy in my alternate roll which was a nice change and mixed it up enough that I had actually forgotten about the Jedi mind trick I had in the works. We begin on Curator and I'm running around like crazy chasing sparks and then he goes down and all of a sudden, I say to my husband, "The Gloves are gonna drop because I put an expensive gem in my current ones." After waiting for an eternity (I know he was waiting to torment me), he finally loots the boss and up pop the Gloves of the Fallen Defender. Immediatly, I click on my roll macro and, yep, the best ever Jedi mind trick in the world because I rolled a....


Some other people rolled and they were good trys, but since no one tied me and I didn't have to do a roll-off, I got to get my 3rd piece of the Malorne Harness. Now, I'm really excited to venture on to the Four Piece Club. ;)


Conquernfool said...

At lvl 64 I only have a few pieces of gear with sockets and haven't replaced any with new gems. I didn't know that you could replace them once you put them in. How do you do that and does it cost anything to pull them out? Do you destroy them or can you sell them?


Anonymous said...

Re: conquernfool

You replace them like enchants. Just re-open the socketing window and put the new gems in. When you click the socket button it destroys the old ones and puts the new ones in.

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Conquernfool
You can replace one gem at a time in gear that contains muliple gems. Just place the new gem over the one(s) you wish to replace and click the socket button.