Sunday, September 16, 2007

Badge of Tenacity takes a Ferocious Bite out of my Gold

After months of sporadically farming the Ogri'la Plateau and watching the auction house, I have finally acquired my Badge of Tenacity. To be honest, I can't say that I have been diligent in my efforts. When it comes to farming, I'm lucky if I can make it through a 30 minute MotW buff. And, checking the AH? Gah, I have to run to the center of Shat, take the portal, run to the auctioneer, and, when done, HS back. That's a lot of effort. So, when I say sporadically, I mean that in a sporadically, sporadic sense. ;)

So, last night, after playing some baby chars with my husband (I'm playing a Warlock! Is that sacrilegious to my Druid commitment? O.O ) . I decided to log in my Druid, buff up, and log in my kitty clothes so I could look on the armory this morning and get my stats for an upcoming article I've been contemplating (it involves math and such so it may be a while). While in, I decided to check the AH. Previously, after making the extreme effort to 'go out of town' and check the auction, there would never be so much as a Depleted Badge let alone a Badge of Tenacity. But, none the less, I checked anyway and, to my amazement, there was not just one Badge of Tenacity, but three!!!

Two of them were over 1000g (1007 and 1017), but the third one was 999g 99s 99c. What a bargain!!! I quickly check my available funds and my heart sinks as I only see 927g in my packs. Than my husbands says, "Don't you have money on your AH character?" OMG!! Yes! But, how much? I hadn't logged her on in ages! In fact, I'd been getting items back in the mail that I'd sent to her to auction. I quickly log out Mooire and rush to log in my AH char....all the while just knowing someone is going to snatch up that badge! Once I get her logged in, I check her packs....83g! Perfect!!! I quickly mail myself 80, hoping 3 gold will be enough to auction some of her stuff to replenish her funds, log in my Druid, grab my gold and run back to the Auctioneer.

Thankfully, the badge for less than 1000g (just barely!) was still there. I quickly hit the buyout button and run to the mailbox so fast that the first two times I checked it, there was no badge. O.O Finally, my badge shows up and I get it set into my 'Bear' outfit in Outfitter. The item that previously occupied that trinket spot was my Alchemist Stone. So, even though the Badge of Tenacity is awesome and, along with Moroes' Lucky Pocket Watch, the best trinket set up available, I was a little sad to see that my health and dodge decreased a wee bit. Here are my previous and current stats, self buffed only (sorry, I don't know how to set up a table here):

Alchemist Stone
Health 14,442
Armor 26,249
Defense 439
Dodge 30.28%
Resilience 4

Badge of Tenacity
Health 14,200
Armor 27,913
Defense 439
Dodge 29.26%
Resilience 4

Over all, I'm happy to have finally gotten my BoT. Especially after firing off that puppy, my dodge went from 29.26% to 39.73%....then, when I activated my pocket watch, it jumped to 55.58%!!!! (That is with both trinkets activated at the same time.) Mainly, I like that I can increase my dodge dramatically for 30s (20s on BoT and 10s on MLPW) out of every 2 minutes. Also, I'm not too worried about the loss of health and dodge as I have some defense gems socketed that I can replace since I'm over the cap (415) on that stat.

What I wasn't happy with, though, was looking down and seeing 7g 46s 51c left in my packs....and I was even more unhappy when I realized I'd forgotten to repair after my last trip to Kara and needed over 9g to do so.....and...ooops....we have Gruuls the next day. But, once again, my sweet hubby came to my rescue and when I logged on this morning, I found 90g sitting in my mailbox. :D Plus, after doing a few Daily Quests, I'm up to 143g, and that includes repairing and stocking up on reagents for tonight's Gruuls.


Karthis said...

1000g.... that's what I paid for mine, too! Totally worth it - I pop the thing every time it's ready.

howardchua said...

bought mine for 750 on dentarg!

your defense is a bit high...might want to drop some for some more stam or agility!

Ferocious Bite said...

Yes, switching out some of my defense gems for stam/agi gems is on my list of things to do.