Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 Reasons to Love Kitty

As we've progressed into 25 man raiding, it seems that I'm stuck in the kitty role more often...oh, wait, we're loving kitty here, let me start over...

As we've progressed into 25 man raiding, it seems that my DPS abilities outweigh my tanking role in favor of the Prot Warrior because they can't DPS. Hmmm...I guess that's not exactly positive either.

funny pictures

** 25 Ferocious Bite Points for whoever can define the paradoxical nature of this picture.

As we've progressed into 25 man raiding, it seems that my DPS abilities outweigh my tanking role in favor of the Prot Warrior. Since Druids are a hybrid class, we're able to do several things well; such as tanking and threat generation as well as melee DPS, whereas Protection Warriors can only tank well. Therefore, on encounters where few tanks are needed, I'm relegated to DPS. So, instead of QQing about it, I'm trying to find reasons to love it.

  1. Lower repair costs - Since I'm hiding behind the mob rather than getting beat on, I take less durability damage. However, my manicure expense will go up as all that shredding is hard on the nails. (Think my hubby will buy that?)
  2. Less time spent writing - Since cat DPS is basically Mangle, Shred until you have 5 points, then Rip...rinse and repeat, I can write one 'form' post for boss encounters and then just find and replace the name of the boss. Recycling is good. We'll call them 'Green Posts'.
  3. No watching 'the meters' - Since I'm a hybrid class and my priority goes to Bear gear, I'm not expected to be at the top of the DPS meters. I can now zone, eat my dinner, or type in various chat channels while raiding! No one questions a Druid's lack of DPS...if it was lacking, I'd be tanking like the Prot Warriors! And...if anyone does question it, I have a plethora of excuses; I was in my bear gear as I was tanking [insert mob here] before the boss, I had to pop out to cast Rebirth/Innervate/heals, etc.
  4. ROFLCAT pictures - I can use the funny cat pictures in my blog posts. (see above)
  5. Blog name is appropriate - My blog name would make more ability for a bear blog? What was I thinking?
  6. I get more heals than the other DPSers - Due to my Rebirth and Innervate, I'm a more valuable class in the raid than other DPS classes and therefore get more heals and/or healed first. This helps to make up any deficiencies resulting from #3.
  7. Lag behind to 'herb' mobs - Since I'm not pulling, I can lag behind to herb mobs; such as the Underbog Collosus in SSC.
  8. Fine feline fanny - I'll have a more actractive view as well as more of a view more big bear butt filling up my screen, unless I'm reading the blog.
  9. No worries about loose mobs - Unlike other DPS classes, loose mobs are not a concern. I can just switch to bear and continue on...then giggle when the warriors tries and is unable to take the mob back. l2dps, nub! ;p
  10. No watching the threat meters - If I pull aggro, I can just switch to bear form, then giggle as stated under #9.

Disclaimer: This post is intended for humor only. It is not a guide by which to be followed nor is it followed by the author...well, except for the giggling part when a prot warrior tries to re-establish threat when I accidently (yes, accidently!) pull aggro.


Don said...

The real benefit of spending more time in Cat form?

You can mock the pure-dps classes when you out DPS them. Muahahaha.

BigBearButt said...

I have found one problem in switching to Kitty DPS when a Prot Warrior is suddenly taking over as main tank.

I'm not used to holding back my DPS on the threat meter, and the Pallies are not used to casting Salv on me.

I was DPSing one boss, the eagle in ZA, and I was horrified to see myself squashed flat as I blew past the tank in Threat. Like, blew past like the Blue Flame. (BBB points if you knew what the Blue Flame was.)

I'm used to kitty going 100% paws to the wall, and bear being careful. If in isntances, normally my kitty is in tanking gear, so it's not so bad, easier to control. But in kitty gear, with massive +crit, using Shred Shred Shred without Salv? It was a shock.

But funny.

Karellen said...

A lot of kitties seem to forget about Cower. Slows down your DPS slightly but it does keep you alive. The same thing happens to me in Eagle, BBB- even with a Misdirection and waiting for a 4-5K threat buffer, my DPS is high enough that about halfway into the fight I'm using Cower every time it's up. Blowing the energy on Cower really isn't that bad when you have the Tier 4 2-piece bonus.

Cower is your friend if you're a high-DPS cat.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll The paradox in your picture is that Sirius means dog. Since you're posting about cat benefits, saying it's a "dog" post is the joke. Harry Potter FTW!

In response to what BBB said, getting the right pally buffs is almost always an issue for me. My wife plays a balance druid so we're always messing with the pallys on which druid gets what buffs. To further that, on nights where I'm OT in Kara, I switch back and forth when only one tank is needed vs. two.

When you notice that you're in your DPS gear, but you forgot to harass the pallys for salv, Karellen is absolutely right, cower is your friend.


SuraBear said...

So, I was totally expecting the QQ link to go to my post about wishing I couldn't DPS. I was truly disappointed when it instead went to one of your own. . . then I noticed the other link in the same sentence *chuckle*

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Don

No kidding! I routinely rank higher on the DPS meters than classes that should be surpassing me.


I have the same problems. I've gotten in the habit of checking my pally buffs prior to any pull no matter what form I'm in. It seems I always get Salv when tanking and Might when DPSing! I feel bad for the pallies, though. That's got to be a nightmare for them.

As Karellen says, Cower is your friend. I use it judiciously as it's not a huge threat reducer. Other tactics I use is to pop out and cast Tranquility when I see several of my group members low on health or other heals, etc. This way, I'm being useful while not DPSing. By the time I'm done, I'm quite a bit lower on the aggro list.

@ Anon (Squirrelz)

You are correct! Sirius is get the points!

@ Surabear

LOL, we both QQed! However, I think my post was more whiney than yours. ;p

tkc said...


The Blue Flame was a rocket car.

Conquernfool said...

I too have been getting cat duty instead of bear lately. I OT'ed Kara when I was learning then the guild quit Kara and started Gruul's and the eye. That left me without a Kara group to raid with and they only want dps from me. Then as luck would have it we started a group 2 that would run Kara and they asked that I dps while the new tanks learned Kara. I'm flexable and still need Kara gear so imagine a bear rolling over and transforming into a kitty. That worked fine since I would get asked to MT Maden since I had 24K armor which was about 50% more then the warrior. :)

The big problem was I had almost no good kitty gear! so I was always 6-7th on the dps list with all the dps'ers out doing me. :(

I started upgrading my gear and the last instance I was in, I was just below the mage and above the warlock. I'm having fun and getting some of the gear. Once group 2 is running their own runs I'll get more tanking again.

The statement about being distracted during the raid with no problem is true. some... uh, maybe..

Anonymous said...

You could always heal...