Tuesday, February 5, 2008

How do you 'Reader'?

I think most of us use some sort of reader to alert us to updated blogs. I, personally, use Google Reader. I didn't research readers. One of the bloggers I read mentioned Google reader and being the lazy person I am, I just went out and got it without putting any effort into research.

Anyway, I use my reader as my 'morning paper'. After I wake up, I make myself some tea...most often Chai Tea, but I also mix it up with Green Tea, Earl Grey, Lucky Irish, Oolong, etc...then I sit down and read the various posts that have been made as I slowly wake up.

I'm not a morning person. So, having this quiet time to drink my tea and read posts helps me to wake up without all the grumpiness that we noctural beings can get when forced to live in a morning person's world.

Most often, though, I do save some posts to read later in the day after I've returned from work. These post are typically the ones that have math and theorycrafting in them. I'd like to read them in the morning...I really would...but, my brain just does not funtion that early, so I'll skip them and save them for later when I can actually understand what the author is writing.

So, do you have a routine of when you read?


Phaelia said...

Like you, I do most of my reading in the morning. Instead of tea, however, I drink a cup of coffee while I sit at my desk and dry/flat iron my hair. I browse through the latest posts from Druid blogs and a few non-Druid blogs, too. I can always blame BigBearButt's diarrhea of the word processor for my being late to work. :-)

Dammerung said...

Sort of a cross between the paper and the email.

I use google reader and the first thing I do at work(before 8am) is browse who all has posted so far.

Then I leave it open but in the background and if work gets slow(my work is often call based) I can see the new entries as they come in and read them right away.

As for tea, I like black teas usually. But sweetened as I grew up drinking ice tea with heavy sugar. Earl grey is okay, I like Starbuck's "Awake", but honestly my favorite tea is the generic stuff... *runs to look up the name*... Lipton.

chad said...

I don't really use a reader. I use Netvibes as my RSS aggregator. It contains all the blogs I pay attention to as well as many rss feeds for news, podcasts, and other miscellaneous junk.

Karellen said...

I also use Netvibes.

Anonymous said...

I use Bloglines. Pretty happy with it, but I never bothered to try anything else.

Anonymous said...

I like Google Reader because I can share items with my fellow Googlers very easily and get their shares too. Plus, I'm all up in the Google house so it seemed a natural. As for how I RSS, it's usually with Diet Dr. Pepper, in the morning, at lunch, and when I need a brain break.

Vyndree said...

I was actually using Google reader to read this message during my lunch break at work. Excellent tool so I don't have to visit 100 sites every time I want my wow blog fix.

erumel said...

I like using Google Reader. I'm also nocturnal by nature so I'll either read before going to sleep or I'll read while running WoW UI Updater when I come home from work.

I've actually got fishing to 375 by reading blogs on one half of the screen with WoW Windowed mode on the other, just right clicking when I hear the fishing sound. It's a great tip!

Boshanka (Azjol EU) said...

I get a cup of coffee in the morning, and log on to Netvibes.com :)

I've added your blog to my WoW tab in Netvibes, and i've even gone to the pitiful lengths of colour-coding each blog corresponding to type. Silver = priest blogs, orange = druid blogs, and blue = general wow blogs.

Here's a screen shot of my Netvibes

Good work on the blog btw :)

Anonymous said...

I live a complicated feed reading life. My main collection of feeds is stored in Newsgator and read in NetNewsWire (on my Mac) and FeedDemon (on my work PC). I read them throughout the day.

Additionally, I have two Google Reader accounts - one for WoW blogs, and one for Tango blogs. Those I tend to save as evening treats.