Monday, February 11, 2008

Has it really...

Been almost a week since I last posted? O.O Where did the time go? Was I abducted by aliens?

Well...what has happened this last week?

New Bosses

We downed Hex-Lord Malacrass as well as Zul'jin in ZA. However, I wasn't present for the Zul'jin, does it really count? ;p


I finally got the last of my badge loot for my kitty set. I no longer 'need' to farm badges for gear! Yippy!! I do, however, have to sit down and take a look at all my kitty gear and find the best mix-and-match combination for DPS with using two of the T4 pieces I have for the 2 set bonus. Once I decide, I'll post it here.

Ferocious Bite Points

I'm sure that those of you who watch the FBP board have noticed that Souldrain has taken a commanding lead. After his unsuccessful attempts to extort points by kidnapping my Spell Checker, he finally got smart and bought them with an Emerald Whelpling. I'll have to put up more quotes for you all to earn points with and over take him because I still want a Disgusting Oozeling and Souldrain doesn't like to lose. ;)

Blog Stuff

I have a lot of stuff I want to do to 're-vamp' my blog, but it will have to wait a while. I also have several posts I've been either working on or not working on or somewhere in between that I need to finish up. It's just been busy. And my spell checker still doesn't work. /sigh

Real Life

Work is starting to settle down now. However, I still have more to do to close out the end of the year and do tax prep for a few more clients.

That's about it, nothing too terribly exciting...and now I have to run off to work. Have a good day everyone!


Nasirah said...

Keep saving those badges for 2.4...

Nasirah said...

/sigh Stupid too-long web address.

Click here

Lypi said...

Yeah, I'd been procrastinating buying some badge rewards, because I couldn't make up my mind which small upgrade to grab, and how to manage my def/resilience balance with badge gear -v- PVP BG gear.

Then I heard about new BT level badge rewards in 2.4, so I'm glad for once that I'm a terrible procrastinator :)

BigBearButt said...

You too Mooire... god bless.

Anonymous said...

dont count on the new badge stuff being readily available though, according to the screen shots ive seen it was off of sunwell drops, not heroic badges

also dont hold on too tightly to the t4 2 piece set, doesnt proc that much and there are better hands/chest/legs/helm from Kara that'll up ap/crit

shoulders from heroic blood furnace are pretty nice too

AngerIssues - Alleria

Grumpy Misanthrope said...

So, do people get points for pointing out that there will be a new non-combat pet from the daily fishing quest? Chuck the baby crokolisk!

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Grumpy

Oh, Chuck is cute! I want him and the Pheonix pet. :)

Conquernfool said...

How about you post your cat gear. I'm a lvl 70 feral druid that has mainly tank gear. I want to build my cat gear for dps but not sure what to start looking at. I don't pvp much and have just started Kara runs and did some heroics so i'm thinking badges and some PVP gear.