Friday, February 1, 2008

Doomwalker meets his Doom

After we left SSC Wednesday, we headed out to SMV to have another go at Doomwalker. This time, we were prepared and unrushed as the servers were not about to be shut down.

Baklor was back online and he served as our main tank. We also had pulled in several more people to add to those that were in the raid from SSC. So, we had 31 people, plus two Alliance Paladin's named Broon (Prot) and Korvecdal (Holy) from Dark Origin guild who saw us preparing and were nice enough to lend us a hand. (I'm pretty sure the second one was named Korvecdal. I only saw her at the start and it's sort of a difficult name to remember. So, if I got it wrong, my apologies!)

Honestly, I was surprised at how easy this boss was. We were undermanned and had very little trouble downing him. Oddly, the loot he dropped was the Talon of the Tempest X 2.

Anyway, it's nap time so I'm gonna keep this short. That it. Another job well done by the Rogue Angels! And, thanks again to Broon and Korvecdal!!! You two rock!!

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