Monday, April 21, 2008

This Week in Fishing

After posting last Monday about how Old Man Barlo has only offered the Crocolisk in the City quest twice since 2.4 went live, I decided that I'd start keeping a list of what quests he offers each day for analysis...that'll show Blizzard!!  Here are my results for the past week:




4/15 Tuesday Felblood Fillet
4/16 Wednesday Bait Bandits
4/17 Thursday The One That Got Away
4/18 Friday Shrimpin' Ain't Easy
4/19 Saturday Felblood Fillet
4/20 Sunday Felblood Fillet
4/21 Monday Felblood Fillet


Felblood Fillet has come up 4 times (57%) and all the others once each (14%) with my desired quests, the baby croc one, not coming up at all (0%).  Sadly, most weeks are like this, with one of the above four quests dominating while the Crocolisk in the City quests doesn't come up at all.  I want Chuck, damnit!


Drashian said...

It's been Shrimpin' here on Argent Dawn. Almost all week. I haven't even seen Bait Bandits yet. I think it came up once, since 2.4 went live, but I missed it.

Entilzah said...

I think a few offerings to the Gods of Probability are in order.

I did the Fishing Daily for the first time yesterday on Uldum. The Quest:


Sorry... :-)

Stobnor said...

I've only seen Crocs twice on Anachronos...

As my Fishing's still less than 200, it's the only one (I think) I can do - so I go check to see if it's there if I've a spare couple of minutes in Shatt...

Haven't had Chuck yet, though...

When I do pick up the quest, I've been using it as an excuse to get my Fishing skill up a bit - unfortunately the Croc dropped on the second cast this time!

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Drashian

Shrimpin' was the quest of choice the week prior. I think Bait Bandits typically comes up once a week for us.

@ Entilzah

I'm beginning to think sacrifices to the Gods of Probability is what it's gonna take. ;)

@ Stobnor

Yes, the baby croc quest is the only one you can do with a fishing skill of 200. I think all the others require 300+.

Stobnor - A Tale of One Kitty said...

I've not got Chuck yet, but...

I did get Muckbreath a couple of days ago! And he's extremely cute when he's running about after you.

And I hate to mention it, but... Crocs in the City twice in the last 3 days.

Link to my "new" Druid-y blog from the name above...

Heather said...

I finally got Snarly this week on my rogue! Sadly, he did not eat the froggies that were bouncing around me while I was fishing in Nagrand earlier this week. I was hoping, after watching Sleepy Willy destroy chickens...