Thursday, September 27, 2007

Munchies and Snacks!

We've all been there log on just to knock out your daily quests or farm for a bit, an hour later someone asks for help with a quest, which turns into 4 quests and another hour gone, then someone else asks you to craft them something and you stand around for 30 minutes while they gather their mats, then another guildie invites you to run Heroic Botanica....two bosses in, you suddenly realize it's 2 hours after lunch time and you're starving! You're in the middle of an instance with 4 other people so you don't have time for a meal....what do you grab?

We have a variety of options here for those times when we get stuck in game or just plain don't realize how much time has ticked away.

His Snacks
My husband's favorites are Wheat Thins, Pringles, and Robertson's Real Beef Jerky, which he says is the best beef jerky available....I take his word on that as I'm a vegetarian. ;)

Her Snacks
I tend to go in cycles as to what I like for quick and easy snacking. Sometimes I can make do with some crackers and cheese (I buy the kind already cubed or in cracker size squares). I also keep hummus on hand for making a fast sandwhich of hummus and cheese. Although I'm not a huge nut fan, Mrs. May's seed and nut crunches are yummy. A few months ago, I used to make mini frittatas in muffin pans rather than the traditional skillet. These make nice, nutritous snacks and with a variety of options for fillings, can be changed up based on what you like.

Chocolate deserves it's own category and every raider knows the need for this all important snack. We typically keep M&M's and/or Mini M&M's on hand. I also keep the snack size Hershy's bars (those tiny, baby ones) around as well. And, when I'm really bad, I <3 the Ho Ho's.

So, what do you snack on?


Loni Huff said...

Making frittatas in a muffin pan = GENIUS! I can't wait to try that.

We frequently snack on cheese, olives, fruit, and summer sausage ... usually accompanied by a bottle of wine. =) My husband like munching on nuts and jerky, as well. I prefer sunflower seeds because of the salt but don't have them at home as often as I do at work. Fruit is always a good option. Or sliced cucumber and tomatoes with a little bit of lemon juice and olive oil.

It's not lunchtime here yet, and you've made my tummy start rumbling. Thanks. =)

Karthis said...

I try to avoid food munchies when playing, but go through an awful lot of drinks.

Traditionally I'll start any session with a mug of coffee, and may extend to two or three of those. After I'm sick of coffee I'll usually move on to either Crystal Lite or Coke Zero. For scheduled raids I like to have a beer - though I usually keep it to one since I've been raid leading of late.

If I do snack, it's something salty.... Doritos, Pretzels, chips, or something.

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Phaelia
Yes, I love the mini frittatas, they make good quick 'on the go' snacks or breakfasts. I'll email you some recipes.

I love your snack ideas! I was making my grocery list when I wrote my post, so I'll be adding olives and sunflower seeds to the list!

@ Karthis
How could I have forgotten drinks on my post? O.O I typically drink water, but when I need something different, I do tea. We have a variety of Chinese loose teas that we steep as well as some English teas. I also like Tazo's Chai Tea Concentrate that I mix with organic milk.

My husband likes Coke or the Vitamin waters.

If we need a 'wake me up' we drink Zipfizz Liquid Shot which has caffeine and B vitamins or we drink a shot of Acai' Extreme.

Anonymous said...

I drink a lot of Beer and Tequila while raiding.

Especially Aran is a nice Fight if you see everything doubled. =)