Monday, January 28, 2008

Doom to the Doomwalker...almost...

Last night, as we all logged for our raid...only to discover that raiding was closed for the, we decided to give Doomwalker a try. After all, we already had 25 of us together, we only needed a few more people. So, we fly out to SMV while gathering up more guildies.

As we're hovering there watching Doomwalker walk back and forth and doing, what appears to be 'marking his territory' on two walls, we get the 'Server Shutdown in 15 minutes' message.

Well boogers...we only have 32 people so far and only 8 of them are healers and we don't know how long 'server shutdown' will take! Well, nothing says, "Be heedless and reckless" like a server shutdown in 15 minutes. So, we decide to charge in!

I was actually very surprised that things went so smoothly for so long. I look over and we've only lost 1 person so far and Doomwalker is at 53%. Nice! We keep going and Doomwalker's health is getting lower and lower, but we're also starting to lose a few people (some to those nasty Alliance rather than Doomwalker). Then, when he gets down to about 15%, I look over and about half the raid is dead. Oh my! At around 10%, our tanks start going down. After we were all down, Aquenzi, our Resto Druid, took over and tanked for quite some time, but eventually she met her doom as well. Then the rogues took over with a wee bit of evasion tanking...and finally, it was Shadowcub (Rogue) and Soontir (Holy Priest) left and Doomwalker was at 2%. They managed to get him down to 1% and then he hung there for what seemed like an eternity before Shadowcub died. Then it was Soontir. And then it wasn't.

But, wow! Getting Doomwalker down to 1% on our guilds very first try while undermanned and short on healers! Rogue Angels = Bradysauce!

We all run back and rez...we have 4 minutes until server shutdown so we decide to log and come back for another go when they come back up.

*quite some time later*

Servers are back up! We log in all excited! But, no Doomwalker! I guess he got distracted with something else...TV probably...and didn't log back in...

We waited around for him for a little bit, then impatience got the better of us and we ran off to do our regularly scheduled raiding activities. But, I do look forward to downing him. I was surprised at how easily things went with the numbers (or lack thereof) of our raid.


SaladFork said...

That's amazing. You guys should have no problem doing it with a full 40 man raid that's prepared. Good luck!

BigBearButt said...

You are awesome! Way to go!

Soontir said...

Loss of respect for using the term "Bradysauce."

I figured you Texans were all gung ho about your state and your Cowboys. Shame on you for endorsing Tom Brady! :P

Bulvine said...

We killed him, I demand an update! Please? Also awesome job MTing Tidewalker, I didnt heal you, but PK steals my MT duties.

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Noobtir...errr...Soontir

I used Bradysauce for you since I know you like it. ;p

I should give you negative points for chastising me, but /sigh, I just can't do that to you. :D

@ Bulvine

I'll get my Doomwalker post up later today. :) Thanks for the kudos on Tidewalker, but that credit really goes to you healers. :) I'm sorry Pk steals your MT duties. :( I know how that feels cause Maulmorr steals my OT duties. ;p