Tuesday, January 8, 2008

All in 1 Powershift Macro!

Finwe left the following question in a comment on my Powershifting post:

Sorry about posting on an old article, but I'm looking for a macro to
handle all of my powershifting needs. I know it'll look something like

[stance x] cast bear form
[stance y] cast cat form

Does someone have one of these correctly formatted?

All I have to say is...brilliant idea! All this time, I've had two bar slots taken up with my Bear form powershift macro and my Cat form powershift macro. Why had it not occurred to me to write or find a macro that does it all in one? We all know that bar slots are a commodity for Druids...as I am sure it is for any hybrid class. We have soooo many useful things and they all have to be out and freely accessible because you never know when you might need them!

After a bit of research and testing, I have found a macro I like and it even works! What this macro does is, if you're indoors and not in a form, it puts you in Dire Bear form. If you're outside and not in a form, it puts you into Travel Form. However, if you're already in Dire Bear form, it will powershift you back into Dire Bear form whether you're inside or outside...same with Cat form as well as Travel Form...well, only if your outside for that one.

I wish I could take credit for writing it, but I can't. I found it on this WoW Forums thread. However for those of you who detest clicking on anything extra I'll cut and paste it here...

/castsequence [stance:4] reset=1 Travel Form, z
/cast [nostance, outdoors] Travel Form
/castsequence [stance:1] reset=1 Dire Bear Form, z
/cast [nostance] Dire Bear Form
/castsequence [stance:3] reset=1 Cat Form, z
/cast [nostance] Cat Form

I have no idea what the z's are for, but I left them in and it works perfectly. If you can figure out why they are there and what they do, 15 Ferocious Bite points for you!

And, for Finwe, for suggesting the possibility of an all in one macro and setting me on this quest, you get 20 Ferocious Bite points!


Esarhaddon said...

My guess is that they're to prevent multiple cast attempts, but you don't need them, or the cast sequence thing anyway. It looks like the author of the macro thought that casting the form within the global cooldown would shift you out of a form, which it does not. I made a powershift macro similar to this one a while back (I have since moved to to a mouse-wheel based system, that still uses macros but differently), but you can do it all without those funky zs.

Ferocious Bite said...

Oh, interesting. I hadn't thought about a wheel based macro. Sounds cool, but I'm not sure I'm coordinated enough to be entrusted with something like that. LOL

I'll try removing the z's later today. And I'll award you your points!

Finwe said...

I tried writing my own powershift macro and failed miserably. It's nice to see you came back with it so quickly. Now for the next step.

I wanted to bind that macro to the ` key (next to 1). I couldn't figure out how to bind a macro to a key, though. The closest thing I could find was that I could place it on one of my bars, then bind the bar button. I haven't played with it enough to get that right yet, though. I stuck it on bar 3, button 7. I don't know what that translates to for the key binding menu.

Galliano said...

okay. this macros has some flaws, and a rather serious one at that. when oyu run out of mana to shift to a combat form, if you are in an outdoor invironment you will shift to travel form. This can mean lights out for you as a tank or just bad results on the dps charts.

I would suggest looking over the macros at http://www.wowwiki.com/Useful_macros/Druid
I would also caution you that some of these macros are outdated and thereby inefficient. Also be aware that if you are deep balance or deep resto your stance values past 4 change with the addition of tree/moonkin form.

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Finwe

I use Bongo Bars and have done what you did...put the macro on my bar and then bind that bar 'slot'. It's important to know that it's the slot that Bongos binds...not the button in the slot. If you move that button, it's no longer bound. I do not know how to do what you're asking about. :(

@ Galliano

Yes, I tested it enough noticed that it would put me in caster form when I was out of mana. Not something I like, but I have a mod that allows me to see my mana while in form.

I will look at the macro link tomorrow. I did check out Druidwiki's macros before doing the Google search that found the one I posted...but, I didn't check WoWwiki for some reason.

Now! If you find or write the most uberest powershifting macro for me, I'll give you 30 (lazy) Ferocious Bite points! ;)

Galliano said...

With Bongos you can actually bind macros in the macro window while in bind mode with Bongos. This also allows you to keep your bars clean of macros you know you always want but don't want using a bar slot. A word of caution though, Bongos binds the macro slot, not the actual macro so if you delete something that was before the macro you bound in the order it appears in the window the macro will not be the one you think it is when you try using it. You can also bind numerous keys to the same macro it seems.

Galliano said...

@F. Bite

This is what I have so far and it seems to work well and as long as you know what to expect.

First the macro:
/cast [stance:1]!Dire Bear Form;[stance:3]!Cat Form; [swimming]!Aquatic Form; [combat,nomounted,noflyable]!Travel Form; [noflyable,nomounted]item:29466; [flyable]!Flight Form
#show item:17344
/dismount [nocombat]

Now the explaination:
- If you are in bear or cat form it will powershift you for that form.
- If you are swimming you will shift into aquatic form if not already in aquiatic form. If you are already in aquatic form you will reshift into the form. This is to break movement impairing effects.
- If you are not swimming and in combat you will shift into travel form unless you are mounted or flying (falling + combat = bad). If you are in travel form under these conditions you will reshift.
- If you are not able to fly where you are you will try to mount. The item:29466 is for the Black War Kodo. The shortest way is best in macros.
- If you can fly you will take to flight form. Flying mounts are for sissies. If you have Swift Flight Form, add the word Swift.
- Last, if you are mounted it will dismount you.

You will only be deshifted from travel form and only if you are not in combat.

I did not add a check for indoors because you really need to know if you are indoors.

When you make the macro use the ? icon. This will allow you to see what the macro will do under the curcumstance.

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Galliano

You are totally awesome! I'm going to start using that macro tomorrow! Also, thanks for the tip on binding macros without using up bar space. I'd never tried that before. You get an extra 10 FB points for that!

Also, if you don't mind, I would like to post your macro in a post all unto itself along with praises of your awesomeness! That way, those that aren't following the comments on this thread can see it.

Galliano said...

Feel free, however, use this macro:

/cast [stance:1]!Dire Bear Form;[stance:3]!Cat Form; [swimming]!Aquatic Form; [flyable,nocombat]Swift Flight Form; [combat,nomounted]!Travel Form; [nomounted]item:29466
#show item:17344
/dismount [nocombat]

I did not have a chance to test the first in Outland going from travel form when exiting combat. The other one will just shift you into travel form over and over. I moved SFF up in front of travel form, removed the ! and added nocombat into the conditions. This way you can decide if you want to shift out of SFF when you want when not in combat.

With the few changes this macro is actually a little shorter.

Galliano said...

Macro update:

/cast [stance:1]!Dire Bear Form;[stealth];[stance:3]!Cat Form; [swimming]!Aquatic Form; [flyable,nocombat]Swift Flight Form; [combat,nomounted]!Travel Form; [nomounted]item:29466
#show item:17344
/dismount [nocombat]

Fixed it so you will not break stealth. This applies to prowl and the racial stealth, shadowmeld.

Also, there is almost always a useful link relevant to ferals or the topic of my comment.

Ferocious Bite said...

Oh, nice! Thanks for the updated one. The weekend went by and I hadn't had a chance to post this...I'm glad I'm a procrastinator cause now it's better! Thanks!

Galliano said...

One more thing about Bongos. I thought about it and decided to find out, and lo~ you can bind spells directly from the spellbook!

Gaijin42 said...

Even more improvements :

Combined Powershift and All Terain Best Form Macro

This takes you from no-stance to your best speed form. If you are not in combat and can fly, you will fly, if you are in combat and flying, this macro will not do anything, to prevent you from falling. If you are not in combat and are not moving, you will mount. If you are moving and in combat, you will go into Travel Form. If you are swimming you will go into aquatic form. Additionally, if you are in bear or cat form, this macro will powershift you. Hold Ctrl to shift back to caster.

Powershifting will allow you to instantly break movement affecting effects such as snares or roots. For those with the Furor talent, this technique can also be used for a quick shot of energy or rage. This powershift macro will not shift you out if you are out of mana or in a GCD, so it is safe to tank with.

To use this form as an escape macro, hold ctrl and press the macro to leave your current form, then start spamming the key. You will powershift in travel form to break snares. As soon as you drop combat, you will shift to flight form.

/cancelform [mod:ctrl]
/stopmacro [mod:ctrl]
/stopmacro [stance:5]
/cast [combat,stance:1]!Dire Bear Form;[stealth];[combat,stance:3]!Cat Form; [swimming]!Aquatic Form; [flyable,nocombat]!Swift Flight Form; [nomounted]great gray kodo
/cast !Travel Form

If you have tree form or moonkin form, change stance:5 in the macro to stance:6