Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wildfury Bear!

It's been a busy day today. But, I at least wanted to share with you all that I got the Wildfury Greatstaff last night! If finally dropped...well, I say finally even though I hadn't really expected it to drop so soon. I figured it would take around 10+ runs in SSC and we've been in there about 4 times now...and not even very far in as we're just now starting work on Leotheras the Blind. In fact, it dropped off of the trash between the Lurker and Leo.

So, after the requisit teasing and need requests by our Guild Leader and (non-Druid) others in our raid, I was finnally allowed to have it. :D The only other Druid in our run was Aquenzi, our resto Druid, so I was first to get it. :)

Our loot rules for 'hybrid' characters is that you get first choice (dkp providing) on the gear of your primary role. Since I primarily tank, I get to roll or use my dkp on tank gear. If gear for Kitty or healing drops...I can get that only if one in that primary role (i.e. rogue, kitty feral, resto druid, healer) doesn't want it. And, to take the sting out of not getting to role/bid for those items with those in that primary role, if it is available to us, it only costs us half the dkp.

So, I was excited to get it. I thought I was going to be lugging my Earthwarden around for all of eternity....and, I was even more excited to realize that since my chest item is the Vengeful Gladiator's Dragonhide Tunic and when getting my defense up to the 415 cap I had forgotten to calculate the 26 resilience, even though my new staff has less defense than the Earthwarden, I'm still uncritable!

And now....for another point opportunity....

In what MMO would /lifestone be used to get newbies to kill themselves? Not that I ever did such a thing....

10 points if you can name that game! Unless you're Lung...Lung only gets 5 points for this one. ;p


Soontir said...

ASHERON'S CALL! Do I win a trip to the lifestone now, as per usual?

Karthis said...

Grats =)

I too got my staff, but again, only after teasing. Bastards! =)

It was enhanced because one of the raids I missed saw the staff drop and go to a resto druid.

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Soontir

Baby!! You win! I'm even going to give you an extra 5 points for commenting on my blog! Weeeee....

@ Karthis

It's a conspiracy! I've noticed that Druids get teased over loot far more than any other class!! ;p

I'm glad you got yours too! :D