Monday, January 7, 2008

Mag Lost His Head!

Last night, my hubby and I logged in for our guild's SSC raid. However, since we had enough Warlocks on, we decided to give Mag a shot. As a guild, we hadn't yet attempted Mag...some of the people that merged into us had done him though...but, for most of the people, it was a new encounter.

So, we get in there and we're all a bit worried as we only have 6 healers. Typically, it's recommended that you have 8-10 healers for Mag. However, our healers are totally awesome at their jobs, so we decided to give it a go anyway...despite their complaining. ;p

Our first attempt didn't go so well. We got 3 of the channelors down and then people started dropping like flies. We decide that, perhaps, we need at least one more healer...which means we need to bump someone from the raid to bring in that extra healer...never a fun thing to do...but, Khanzo, the guy we switched out was very gracious and mature about it...kudos to him! I should send him a special pet. :) We did award him full DKP for the night too.

Anyway, second attempt went down pretty much like the first one, but that's ok, we're learning!

We all go back in for another go and as we're buffing and eating, we suddenly have aggro and the gate slams shut! WTF? Even though half the raid is on the other side of the gate, I jump on my tank target and do the best I can at grabbing the others...yes, I know it's a wipe, but even when things seem hopeless I give it my best shot anyway. (I'm calling this attempt happened, but since only a third of us were in the gates it doesn't count as a full try.)

We shake off our stupid wipe and rez everyone and go in for our 3rd try (3.3 if you wanna be technical about it.). We do pretty well at this one...until the last channelor...for some reason, two of the Infernals didn't get crowd controlled and all the melee (except for me and Maulmorr, who was tanking the last channelor) died. But!! It was progress and we were doing better. :)

We run in, start buffing and....WTF?!?! Suddenly, we have aggro....again! I immediately pop into bear and pick up my add and any others I can lay my paws on, but we didn't last long as about half the raid was outside the gates. /sigh. At least this time, people saw that a succubus was the one that started the fight. You just can't trust women with whipes to not start something...anyway, one of our Warlocks was sacrificing his pet to gain the shadow damage boost. Unfortunately, the pet seemed to go into combat when this was done. Oopsie. We will call this attempt 3.8. Again, it happened but not all of us were in so it doesn't totally count. ;p

Well, after the GM gave the orders that all pets are to be sacrificed at the front of the entrance rather than the buff area, we ran in for our 4th attempt. This time, I'm careful to drink and buff on the 'outside' side of the gate. Just in case we have another boo-boo, I'm not gonna die for it. Thankfully, we had no misshapes and went in for our 4th (4.8) go at Mag.

As is typical for our guild...we get off to shaky starts and a Christmakha miracle...we're amazing and smooth as silk! We executed the most coordinated streamlined event you wouldn't even know we were the same people in the prior 3.8 tries. We did lose one person in this attempt and our resto Druid rezed them, so when Mag died, we were all up and healthy!

*** 10 Ferocious Bite points for whoever can tell me what show Christmakha miracle comes from! ***

We got Cloak of the Pit Stalker, which no one wanted. We also got Eye of Magtheridon which Minder, our Shadow Priest took. The Chestguard of the Fallen Champion went to Niwi and Chestguard of the Fallen Hero when to Yagi! And lastly...

Baklor got the head! No, not that! Magtheridon's Head.

I don't know how most guilds distribute head loot...but, we've decided that we will distribute them by raid attendance and, secondly, by rank rather than DKP costs. Our GM wants these to be special and reward those who put in the effort to sign up and attend raids and to those who help run the guild and do more than just log on and play. I know this is going against the grain of a casual raiding guild, but I'm ok with that and not just because I'm an officer with 100% raid attendance...I'd feel the same way if I was an average guild member. So, since he's had 100% raid attendance and is the Guild Leader, he got it first and I'm ok with that. I know a lot of you may not like this system and I'm ok with that too. ;p

After killing Mag, we continued with our previously scheduled program and went to SSC. Since it was 10:30 by the time we all got there and ready, we only killed Hydross before calling it a night.

I'd like to sum up by saying that I'm really proud of my guild. We've broken out of our 10-25 man transition issues and all the new encounters we've faced have been successful within 3-8 tries...even counting stupid mistakes. ;) We have a lot of really good people that are not just fun to play with but also play well as well as play well together...which is the most important part.

I <3 my guildies!


Cee said...

The OC?

Surania Lorezon said...

Grats on Mags! My guild just got our first kill this past weekend as well, after a long dry spell of no raid progression (The month off did some good, it seems). I lucked out and won the head (By virtue of the DKP system, had nothing to do with me being the Guildmaster, though in a way it did feel fitting :-) )

One thing though. . . 10 healers for Magtheridon? We also were running with 6, and I would think with any more than that it would take FAR too long to kill the warlocks in time. 5 tanks + 10 healers + up to 5 warlocks too busy with infernals to do great DPS leaves you with only 5 dedicated DPSers to burn them down.

We did it with 6 healers as well, and never lost a person due to lack of healing (only 3 deaths, all DPSers who got quaked into a cleave). Magtheridon doesn't hit all that hard, about on par with phase 1 Maulgar overall I think, the hardest part of the fight is really getting the warlocks down in time, and then coordinating cubes.

Anywho, grats again, I know how awesome a feeling it is to down him, especially afterward when you see the head hanging in the middle of your respective Hellfire town (My guild to me: How the hell did you CARRY that thing, Surania?)

Matticus said...

Congratulations on Mag!

Typically how we handled the head is we'd just have all the healers roll off on it. If you check the rewards, the other three aren't that significant when compared to other rings that can be gotten at that level.

Seriously, the healer ring is by far one of the best that healers can get at that level.

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Cee

Yes! You earn 10 points! I think I'll make points a regular thing and even stick in a thingy on the side to list them. ;)

@ Surania

The strats recommended 8-10 and as this was our first time there, we had no what would work. We tried with 6 and bumped it up to 7...but, in our officers forum our priest class officer said he was bored and stood around a lot. So, I'm gonna guess we'll lower the healer count.

@ Matticus

Interesting. Honestly, other than my reward, I had not assessed the rewards for the head. I'll mention that to our guild leader. Thanks!

Karthis said...

Grats on Mags =) 8-10 healers is a rubbish assessment of what is needed. We take him with 7, and it feels like overkill except during the hectic first minute.


Dude - 2nd best tanking ring in the game for feral druids is available from the head quest..... it's not just healer-only!!!!