Friday, January 25, 2008

Bear Snot

Ok, so, it's official. I'm sick. :( Apparently, I'm usually sick this time of year too...that's what my doctor said as she reviewed my records. Bleh.

I had looked for a picture of a bear with a big 'ole glob of snot hanging out his nose to post here...I kinda thought it would be funny and gross all mixed up together but, apparently, bears in the wild don't get sick. FB points for anyone who can find it though!

Anyway, gonna go lay down for a while and, hopefully, nap. Y'all (I'm southern, I can say that) will just have to wait for my Leo post. I'll try to get it written in the next several days.


Dammerung said...

get better soon :P

Phaelia said...

Would this do?

Feel better soon!

Malfean said...

Best I can do in a pinch

Ferocious Bite said...

Aaaah, both of those are sooo cute! Poor little sick bears. :(

You both get 15 points for making me feel better with those. :)

Firstpanda said...

Not a sick bear pic, cant remember how to make a clicky link :P
BUT i found today a quick and easy way to obtain mojo for friends and alts,
Go to the town outside ZA, find the troll prigmon and blow him a kiss
Enjoy and get well soon

Ferocious Bite said...

Awesome! You get 25 FB points for that tip! Thanks!

Cee said...

Ok is this a little weird or is it me?

Cuteification of a puke pot??!?!?!

Ferocious Bite said...

LMAO! I'm not cleaning that out. :p

Anonymous said...

i think bear snot is yummy in da tummay and i love chicken boogers they make my heart sing la la la luuu. :]
so gatorade sometimes looks like beer snot and taste like cucumbers. they're green, if you didnt know. deardorff is cool and he threw a nut at me. haaaaaaaaaahhahhahahhaaaa