Thursday, January 17, 2008


I would like to thank you all for enduring my PMS QQ day Monday.

Yes, I know a lot of you are thinking, "WTF?! PMS QQ? TMI!!!!"

Too bad, that's what it was. ;p And, I had to use it here cause when I said it last night, Ledde said, "PMS QQ = best line ever". And, as Ledde is my favorite Innervatee (for those that read here regularly, this was a point question the other day and no one got it....yet...gogogogo!!!) I decided it needed to be done.

Anyway, I talked to our GM and he saw my blog and he QQed too and is using me more in tanking stuff. As I said in my previous post, it was more an issue of him having me DPS because I can do more damage than a Prot Warrior. Plus, when we absorbed a bunch of people from a guild that split, we got a really good and well geared Prot Warrior so, he was making sure he was utilizing him as well.

But, he's now rotating through tanks so we all get to have some fun...even if Maulmorr was all QQ after two pulls and no tank duties. ;p Suck it up, Maul! It was two months for me. ;p~~~

And, for those that wonder why I pick on Baklor and Maulmorr so much...well, that's how tanks show they love each other. ;p

Anyway, that's it for the Identity Crisis drama.

In other news...I'm still busy with closing the year and submitting 1099 forms for my various clients, etc. That is one of the reasons I haven't been posting as much and have not made any WoW useful posts this month. Again, bear with me and I'll be back to posting better quality posts. (pun intended)

I also started back at school this semester. I was one of those teenagers that thought they knew everything and couldn't wait to get 'out in the world and make my own way'. So, I didn't do the college thing when I should have.

I did get my first two years out of the way several years ago through LeTourneau University's Adult Education Program. Which, if you're an adult working a full time job is an awesome program...however, it's not for the procrastinator. All the classes are condensed and you have a lot of homework. Anyway, life happened and I got side tracked, but I'm going again...although not at LeTourneau this time. LeTourneau offers a BBA degree but not one that specializes in Accounting, which is what I want. Plus, as LeTourneau is a private's just way too expensive.

Anyway, I'm rambling...the point is, I'm back in school (just 1 class this semester tho) so that might take a wee bit of time away from blogging...but, not as much as taking care of year end closings for my clients...which will be done in another couple of weeks.

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