Sunday, January 6, 2008

Baby Comes Back!!!!

Soontir, my long lost and beloved child has returned to the World of Warcraft!

Soontir is the oldest (as in time duration rather than age) of mine and my hubby's gaming friends. We met him in Asheron's Call in 1999. He's one of those people that openly welcomes, after meeting us, he always invited us into his fellowships, which is what AC called groups. He's always fun and entertaining to play with and, back then, died constantly. He still dies a lot today and routinely tops the death charts!

After a month of him playing with us, he pledged his alligence to me as AC was based on a fuedal system. However, soon after this, whenever he'd get low on health, he'd run around like a loon yelling, "Mommy!" until I healed him. After him doing that a few times, I began calling him 'Baby!' and that's how the long standing tradition began. :) A little goofy and, maybe, a lot odd, but it is tradition now. ;p

And, just like any typical baby, he's got the attention span of a gnat and tends to quit games only to return later. So, this blog post is to herald his 5th or maybe even 6th return to WoW.

Welcome back, Baby! Our most uberest Holy Priest evah!!!

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