Friday, January 18, 2008

Pet Biscuit Trading Card

Upper Deck Entertainment just announced their new Trading Card Game Loot Cards. The most common card will be Papa Hummel's Olf-Fashioned Pet Biscuit. This loot card will redeem a stack of pet biscuits that you can feed to your non-combat pet which will make them grow in size. The size is variable and, on average, will end up being about the size of a hunter pet.

Now, honestly, I'm a little on the fence with this loot card. When it comes to vanity pets, smaller is better (IMO). My favorite pets are the little ones. I love my Tiny Spore Bat as well as my White Kitten. I couldn't imagine making my little baby Bananas as big as every Huntard's pet.

However...having a montrous Chicken or Cockroach might be enough to make me want this card. Actually, I don't have either a chicken or a cockroach pet. They just aren't cute. But, having one that's HUGE does have it's appeal. oversized Eggbert?

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Cryon said...

A mounstrous Wolpertinger! I so want this card. I had the Tabard of Flame from the original series, but then I got hacked. Shame.