Friday, November 30, 2007

Class Officer Input

In my guild, Rogue Angels, I'm the Druid Class Officer. I have been for some time now, although not much has been required of me...or any of the other class officers for that matter...until now...

Our Guild recently expanded and raid time has become a nightmarish tell-hell for our Guild Leader and Raid Leaders while they are trying to form proper raid composition, send out invites, get to the raid location, think, etc. So, our GM has asked what he needed to ask a long time ago...that we Class Officers step up and take some of the responsibility. Our new duties are to:

  1. Talk with each member of our class and get to know them.
  2. Find out their raiding goals.
  3. Evaluate their gear and experience level to ascertain where they fit in raids (i.e. Kara, ZA, 25 mans, etc.).
  4. Advise on gear upgrades, talent specs, enchants, etc.
  5. Coordinate who gets in what and which raid.

All that seems pretty easy, but I thought I'd ask you all...what would you want from your Class Officer? We're still a casual raiding guild; meaning we raid 3-4 times a week for 4 hours. However, we are needing to get a bit more serious about coordination and the gear/experience level of those we take as we venture into 25 man raids. So...just so I can make sure I'm not forgetting an important aspect of helping my fellow guildie Druids...gimme input!


Phaelia said...

One thing that I didn't notice on your list is just gathering a general impression of the skill level and current gear of incoming applicants of the Druid class. Of course, this might be difficult if you aren't familiar with a particular spec (like Balance, for instance), but I think it's an important aspect of playing the role of "class officer" in any case. =)

Zurian - Kel'thuzad Bear tank said...

Were i in your role, I would make it a point to get to know well how each of your fellow druids plays. If they are feral, resist the urge to tank, let them do the work, play the role of tank, let them DPS. Evaluate the druid healers, while not healing specced, go general, does he do the job of a druid healer well? Look at the balance druids play style. Always ask for help, i wouldn't endevour to rate a balance druid... ive never played a doomchicken.. I was resto up to level 40, so i have some understanding of it. But i would still keep a strong resto friend on hand to look over an armory profile for me occasionally. and defiantly a strong boomkin on hand for those guys.

Being the class officer for a druid is going to be a lot of work!! we are way to diverse to cover us under one officer

Thats just the evaluation portion. This will allow you to know how every druid performs at their roles. Try to get them into situations where being a hybrid that we are is important, i know many times i have popped out of feral form, decursed, right back on the DPS, Picked up for the healer, granted i get 2 or 3 crap heals off and i'm out of mana, but it covers. Hell i get up and pop tranquility all the time. I'm the only druid tank i know that will AE pull with bark skin and hurricane on the things i know mages are going to AE down. watch for those small signs, that show they know their class and are willing to use all the tools available to them.

Additional things. Put together some fun druid only stuff. Get a BOE epic or reward of some kind, have a druid specific contest.
I can see a "race of forms" sending them in druid shape shift forms only through areas where all thier forms (except flight) will be useful... A 70 druid can kill that wandering crusader band in EP, in bear form, but not in cat form, things such as that would be fun, entertaining, and make the druids in your guild feel special, they are doing things because they area druid.

While i know this sounds like a headache of planning on your part, and indeed it will be, but if you schedule it once a month. its not going to be that bad, i'm sure the other officers will willingly help you with the load as long as you reciprocate.

Calandris said...

Make sure the Druids know you and you know them. Set up a channel for druids only and BS on it.

When looking at a resto druid dont be afriad to call priest class officer in to take a look too. Same with bear/warrioir and cat/rogue and boomkin/mage? <--you get the point.

Leave no Druid that stupid school slogan. Too many class officers are in the 25 mans that forget about the little guys running 5 or 10 mans.

Be a friend and a teacher.


Anonymous said...

Druid only 5/10 mans. Just because it's fun!

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Phaelia

Yes, I've been doing that already. I also have our best Resto Druid help me with the resto stuff. :)

@ Zurian

I had been assessing their play style, however with the new influx of members, I'm woefully behind.

Oh, and I <3 doing the Barkskin/hurricane pulls too! I did an article on that back in...September, I think.

Druid fun stuff! Good idea! I'm going to have to put something together...maybe offer a white kitten for a prize. :D

@ Calandris

We have a Druid chat channel, but I never think about using it unless on raid. I'll make sure all the druids know about it and endeavor to 'chat it up' in there more often.

@ Anonymous

Druid only runs is another good idea...I usually only do those when I have several guildies needing H-Sethic for flight form, but I'll have to add that into the 'fun stuff' category and do it more often.