Thursday, November 29, 2007

He saves lives, I just know it!!

Several days ago I posted that I had finally fished up Mr. Pinchy and that my first two 'uses' both gave me Mr. Pinchy's Gift which contained 5 Super Healing Potions and 4 Super Mana Potions each.

But, lets go back in time a bit...say 9 months or so back...I had recently hit level 70 and now that the leveling race was over, I had time for new obsessions. Since we had also begun working...or should I say Kara, I decided to work on raising my fishing skill to get buff food and, hopefully, obtain the elusive Magical Crawdad Pet. Around the same time, our main hunter was fishing as well and we were sorta racing to get our fishing skill capped. I say sorta because he started to race and then gave up. ;p Anyway, since I only cook in real life, I would mail him all my fish so he could cook them up for me and the guild. One day, after receiving a net full of stinky fish in the mail, he sent me a tell. Our conversation went a little bit like this...

Yagi whispers: Good grief, that's a lot of must be capped by now!
Mooire whispers: Well, I have to get Mr. Pinchy! We won't beat the Shade without him!!

Let me interrupt the conversation a bit to say that at this point we had hit a wall with the Shade. We could clear to him, but we'd wipe over and over on him.

Mooire whispers: I'm doing this for our raid success!!!
Yagi whispers: He saves lives, I just know it!!!!
Mooire whispers: Of course he does...he IS magical after all!!!

Now, I know Yagi was being a bit sarcastic with his statement there, but I love it nonetheless.

So, Tuesday was my third and final usage of Mr. Pinchy. As soon as I logged in, I clicked on him and what did I get?

You receive Magical Crawdad Box.

Yippy!!!! :D

Thankfully, we were able to get past the Shade a long time ago without the need for a Magical Crawdad in attendance, but as we're embarking into 25 man raids now, I think I got him just in time, because...

He saves lives, I just know it!


Don Roeber said...

Congrats! I finally received a Magical Crawdad Box last night as well. My second "wish" on my third Mr. Pinchy.

Keredria said...

Congrats! Im sure you'll love your pet as much as I love my Sebastian.

While he may save lives, what he won't do (or at least Seb hasn't done for me yet) is help me win the Stranglethorn Fishing Tournament...

Ferocious Bite said...

I have yet to do the fishing tournament! I keep thinking I will, however other things keep coming up that keep me from it.