Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Update to Rawr Beta 8 Post

After playing with Rawr Beta 8 and attempting to add new items, I've found it's quite buggy. If you enter in an ID that Rawr can not find in the Armory database, it asks if you'd like to add it yourself. This is a wonderful addition! However, it's buggy as hell. After keying in all the pertinent data and saving it...for some reason, all it saves is the item name and ID number...and it saves it under the 'Head' slot...even if you told it wrists...and all the stats that you enter in disappear...gone. I did discover that if I go in and edit the item and change/add one thing at a time it will save the new info, but that's quite tedious...and, as entering in new items is tedious in and of its self, it becomes tedium squared.

So, if having to enter in each value one at a time wasn't a pain...after I finally got Band of the Swift Paw entered in properly, it's rating was lower than Umberhowl's Collar...and yes, I had a gem equiped. But, even without a gem, it's armor, stamina, and agility are all higher.


Guess I'll wait till the patch is done and import everything and hope it works better that way.

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