Monday, November 12, 2007

Sings, "I'm too sexy for my pants...too sexy for my pants..."

Recently, we brought in some people from another guild and we had more than enough wanting to run Gruuls last night, which is a nice change from having to beg people to sign up and come. Also, the new people we got are experienced as well as a nice bunch of folks. Yippy!

So, we all head off to Gruul's Lair. We kill the trash and begin working on High King. We down him with only 1 reset. The healer assigned to heal me and our other Druid tank didn't know where I was tanking Kiggler and before he could find me I died...even with a Frenzied Regeneration. It wasn't his fault though. We all thought he knew were I was going to be so no one told him.

We then cleared the trash to Gruuls and with much discussion and instruction, finally proceeded on our attack. Unfortunately, I didn't get to off tank as I usually do...which was a little scary as I had to DPS and I've never had to DPS and worry about where to run and where to hide and safe rocks and all that stuff. Oh noez! But, my hubby, who plays a rogue, took me under his wing and talked me though it very nicely and calmly...which really helps when I'm already nervous...and I was pleased that I stayed alive for most of the time.

It did take us four tries to down Gruul...along with one trash re-clear because one of our raiders went afk after a wipe and was gone for 15 minutes...WTF?

If you need to go AFK in a raid, be sure to announce it before you go. I understand emergencies come up (he never said if it was an emergency or not), but at least say something...anything. Also, if possible, RUN BACK before going AFK. Especially when you die in Gruul's room as we can't rez you from there and we can't even buff because you're not up. At least if you run back and then go AFK, we can buff and regen mana and all that stuff while we wait. Also, if it's going to be a prolonged AFK, say something and ask if you need to excuse yourself from the raid so we're not standing around wondering where you are and what happened.
/end rant

So, on our forth try, we finally down him. He dropped the Eye of Gruul, Gronn-Stitched Girdle, Leggings of the Fallen Defender, and Leggings of the Fallen Champion. Normally, our guild leader distributes the T4 items first. However, tonight, he begins with the Eye of Gruul and the Gronn-Stitched Girdle. I think he was hoping I'd bid for the Girdle and then he'd have a chance at the T4 legs. I may ride the short bus, but I wasn't born yesterday. ;p Finally, we got to the legs and I put in my bid. Since I had the most DPK amassed, I got them! Yippy!!

Getting the legs put me in the 4 piece set bonus category. My armor is now over 31k. :) Now I'm going to have to assess my gear purchases with the new patch again to account for my new pants. I'll be doing that tomorrow though as I have to work today...which I am now running late for!!

/runs off to work