Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Heroic Marathon Weekend!

With the announcment of 2.3 going live on November 13th, my husband and I are planning a Heroic Marathon Weekend. We've been working on Heroics for the last couple of weeks to earn badges to buy all our goodies...but, as I've only got 85 in the bank, I have many, many more to bad G'eras doesn't take credit cards...

The client I had scheduled for tomorrow canceled so I will spend the day cooking soup, lasagna, and mini frittatas to get us through the long hours of Heroic fun. Hopefully between all that, I'll have time to map out my tank gear goals and set a plan of what items and in what order I'll be getting.

I've also got a couple posts in the works that I should be able to complete tomorrow as well.

So, what will you all be doing this weekend in preperation for 2.3?

** edited to change chili to lasagna

1 comment:

BigBearButt said...

wow... just, wow.

I marvel at your incredible prowess...

you inspire me to go back to bed and get some sleep.

BTW, I LOOOOOVVVEEEE your short bus post...

been there, done that, got the padded helmet.