Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Short Bus to Underbog

So, last night we throw together a Heroic Underbog run...well, really, it was supposed to be Heroic Slave Pens and then Heroic Underbog, but our healer and I talked the guys into doing Underbog first so we could get Hibiscus for rep and, ultimately, a pet. Anyway, we head on out to Coilfang Reservoir in eager anticipation of ending the night with 8 badges and a pocket full of Hibiscus. That was before we realized we'd taken the short bus there.

You know those nights...you're running a familiar instance...you have 5 good, strong players...they all know their class and roles well...they all have good gear...except for, perhaps, grabbing the padded T4 helm instead of the real T4 helm.

We were all touched by stoopid last night...I'll even be honest and say the padding was probably thickest in my helmet as I know I made 3-4 dumb mistakes. Whatever it was, it was contagious because we all had it. Here is a list of some of our retardedness:

  1. Ranged DPS standing in the Bog Giant patrol path while we are working on a group of mobs.
  2. Tank (I guess that would be me!) building threat on target #2 instead of target #1 and not even noticing.
  3. Our other pet enthusiest trying to ninja pick some Hibiscus and...oops, aggro!
  4. Hunter Misdirecting onto his own pet...bye bye Nibbler!
  5. Mistiming pulls and getting the patrol with the group. (Those firefly bugs are hard to judge on speed!)
  6. Rogue getting caught by lag and, therefore, a patrol while sneaking in for a sap.
  7. Probably a couple other various items due to general stoopidness.

Thankfully, we all knew we were 'not with it' that evening and laughed about it. Oddly, though, as each thing happened and we'd acknowledge our own stupidness and resolve to 'put our game face on' it seemed to just keep happening. One of those 'off' nights, I suppose...

Needless to say, we only did Underbog last night. We did make it all the way through...probably because all of us are too stuborn to give up. So, we ended the night with 4 badges instead of 8 and our healer got around 20 or so Hibiscus. I let her have all mine as she's further from Exalted than I am...plus, she got the brunt of all the 'bad' stuff...I swear there is code in the game that says, "When things go wrong, kill the healer first!"

So, if you head out to Coilfang Reservoir be careful to stay far away from the short bus route and double check your helm before you go!


Karthis said...

> Hunter Misdirecting onto his own pet...bye bye Nibbler!

I lov eit when they make that mistake. =)

FDWorkshop.net said...

We ran into Steam Vaults last night and had a few of the same kind of issues, but we weren't in Heroic and therefore we able to recover without a wipe. The big wipe was on the final boss. We didn't seem to have our timing down to destroy the first fluid tank fast enough and he proceeded to stomp us into a wipe. Oh, well, that happens some times so we got back in there and taught him a lesson.