Friday, November 2, 2007


Sorry I haven't posted the last few days. Work has been a bit hectic with month end stuff and my clients seem to think I should get stuff done in a timely manner. Don't they know I have blogs to post...or is it posts to blog? Anyway, I guess I don't get paid to, until that happens, the end/beginning of the month will be a bit sparse... and we won't even get into what will happen when year end gets here. /cry

I do have a list of 10 or so things I want to write about...I'd give you a preview of what they are, but the last time I did that I didn't write about any of those things because that rebellious 'I don't wanna do what I have to do' streak kicked in and, even though I didn't have to write about them, I felt like since I said them I had to and then, therefor, didn't want to. So, for your sake, no preview. ;p

I will say that I do intend to update the 2.3 gear list this weekend to add in the PvP items and the other items you all have asked about. I apologize for it taking so long, but after working with spreadsheets for my clients, spreadsheets for gear haven't sounded all that fun...well, really, it does...but sitting at the computer hasn't. ;p

As far as WoW goes, I've been running as many heroics as I can squeeze in...unfortunately, it's been mostly in kitty form. Our guild leader has brought his Warrior out of retirement as he wants to go back to tanking for Zul' Aman and since he's one of my favorite people to run instances with and my very favorite tank, I gladly make the sacrifice to give up tanking to have him in the group. :)

I did main tank Kara this week. In fact, the first half I was sorta the only tank. We did have a Warrior, but he wasn't prot. Which, honestly, wasn't a big deal except for Moroes...and even the problem there was sorta our fault as we didn't explain thoroughly to him what was intended (we thought he had used the technique we'd been using lately). The last several months we've had a shortage of Priests in our Kara runs so we've gotten in the habit of having the tank and off-tank keep aggro on Moroes and two of the adds. Not a big deal, really. Basically, I'd moonfire one of the adds while the other tank either Moonfired or, if a Warrior, shot his gun or whatever he uses to start the pull, then we switch to Moroes and use Swipe or whatever the Warrior's multi-mob attack move is to keep the two mobs on us. Typically, it works like a dream, but Tuesday, it didn't. Everytime I got blinded, he ran off and bashed on one of our squishies. Thankfully, I always had plenty of rage to Charge him once my blind was up and move him back into place. It wasn't too horrible as we did down him on the first try even though we only had 4 people left certainly made for a much more fun event! Is it bad that the times I enjoy most are when things go terribly wrong and we somehow pull through?

We did have to get our Guild Leader to tank Nightbane and Prince though. A Warrior's stance dance to avoid the fear is too invaluable with Nightbane and, until the Horde gets a fear ward, I won't be able to tank him. We did try me three times on Prince, but at around 40% he'd hit me with several successive crushing blows and I never seemed to be able to time my trinkets properly...maybe if I wasn't on anti-histamines I could have, but oh well. ;p

My Sporeggar rep is coming along nicely. I'm at around 48% to exhausted...errr...exalted without really working at it. I did check the Auction House for Hibiscus, but at 1g a piece, I didn't bother buying any.

So, there is my wee update...sorry if I sounded tired, but, well, I am. ;p And, normally I'd put all those nice little links for abilties and such and probably would have even looked up the Warrior abilities I referenced and other things, but, well, I'm tired so you'll just have to live without all that right now. ;p


Lypi said...

Just a note to say that I have, as a bear, tanked Nightbane without fear ward. I've done it two ways, firstly having everyone in range of the fear, so EVERYONE gets feared, and usually Nightbane would stick on me still. Some days he was a biatch and went after some other feared person. (I don't know why it was just like some days he liked me, some days other people) I'd pop a trinket when the ground shook prior to a fear, and that would see me thru the lack of heals during the fear and before healers got back into position.

The other method I used was again with everyone in fear range, but I had an undergeared (for Prince) warrior OT, and they would DPS normally, then stance dance on the fear and run to the front to hold Nightbane in position until I got back. They were undergeared but could survive (just) the 3-4 seconds of aggro while I was feared.

The first time I took Nightbane down (and without fear ward), I had around 23-24k armor, 17k hp.

Good luck!

Ferocious Bite said...

Interesting tactics...I'll mention those to the raid leader the next time.