Thursday, November 15, 2007

New stuff

Well, I did manage to log in during the day today and pick my 30 glowcaps to get my Tiny Spore Bat. ZOMG!!! He is sooo tiny and absolutely adorable!!!!! If you haven't considered this pet, I suggest you do. Honestly, if I had not already been revered, I probably would not have considered him, but after seeing him, he is a definate must have even if you have to grind rep.

I also purchased my new Idol of Terror today. I have yet to use it as I was kitty in Kara tonight. But, I now have 11 more badges to save for more goodies!


Leukos said...

I purchased the Idol of Terror yesterday for my druid. I have been using the Idol of the Wild for cat dps and bear tanking since I got it in the low 60s. I have seen mixed reviews on the Idol of Terror, but the dodge and crit that it offers seems very good for both cat and bear forms. What are you impressions of it? The dodge will lower rage generation but the crits may balance it out. I think it is definately better the the Idol of the Wild, but there has been some discussion of the Idol of Brutality being better for low rage situations. I have not used that for quite sometime, and wondering if I should be. I don't raid, so those three are the only options I am aware of...

Ferocious Bite said...

Well, I haven't quite formed an opinion, yet. I did wait to get it for the exact reason you stated...lower rage generation. When running 5-mans, even heroics, I find I have to switch my armor around (bear and cat) to reduce my dodge or I don't have enough rage. However, as we're going more into 25 man raids, I did get it as I will need it there.

I don't have the Idol of Brutality. I keep thinking I should get it I just haven't yet had the chance.