Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lewt Cardz

Yes, I felt the need to be leet with my title.  But, loot cards are fun and when I used just plain ole Loot Cards as the title it looked way too, I spiced it up a bit. 

Honestly, all I really know about the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game is that it has loot cards!  Little cards with little codes that you go to the site and turn into an extremely long code that you then have to type into a window to Landro Longshot in Booty Bay.  Do they not know that Booty Bay is the PvP capital of Azeroth?  Or perhaps it's their private little joke...yes, put loot cards in but make them type in a code that's 30 characters long to a vender in the highest PvP gank zone in the game!  Well, all I have to say to them is cut and paste for teh win!!!111one1.

Oops, got a little distracted with my rant, where was I...yes, the WoW TCG has loot cards!  I'm sure all those other cards have uses too, but I only care about the loot ones as those are the only cards usable in the MMO we all love and play.

Hero's of Azeroth

The first set of loot cards came out with the Hero's of Azeroth set.  This set included the Saltwater Snapjaw card which gives the in game turtle mount (normal running speed), the Thunderhead Hippogryph card which gives the Hippogryph Hatchling pet, and the Landro Longshot card which gives the Tabard of Flame.  These cards are still available in booster sets or purchased individually through eBay...which is how I got my Hippogryph Hatchling a long time ago.  For fun, I checked the current ebay prices.

Card Name Card Loot ebay Price (US)
Saltwater Snapjaw Turtle Mount 70-200
Thunderhead Hippogryph Hippogryph Hatchling 20-50
Landro Longshot Tabard of Flame 3-30


As with any auction price, you can watch ebay to get the best price possible.  These prices were just the average of what I saw as low bid price and high buyout price respectively.  I'm glad to see that the Hippogryph prices have come down quite a bit since I purchased mine.  At that time, the range was $40 with buyouts of $80 and I counted myself lucky that I got it for around $35 after watching and waiting for a week or so.

Through the Dark Portal

The second set of loot cards came out in the Through the Dark Portal set and includes Rest and Relaxation which gives an in game picnic basket, King Mukla card which gives the in game pet, Bananas, and Fortune Telling which gives the Imp in a Ball who can tell your fortune!

Card Name Card Loot ebay Prince (US)
Rest and Relaxation Picnic Basket 1-40
King Mukla Bananas 10-75
Fortune Telling Imp in a Ball 50-80


The only item in this set I have is the in game pet Bananas and he is one of my favorite pets.  His price has gone down some as well.  I think I paid around $40 for him several months ago.  The only other item I would like in this set is the Imp in a Ball and it's nice to see that the prices have dropped on him as well.  Last I looked (when shopping for Bananas) he was running $80-125.

Fires of Outland

The third set of loot cards are in the Fires of Outland set.  This is the first set that does not have an in game pet.  What were they thinking?  Instead of a cute little pet, they gave us Goblin Gumbo card which gives you a Goblin Gumbo Kettle, Gone Fishin' card which gives you an in game fishing chair, and the Spectral Tiger card which gives a really cool in game mount.

Card Name Card Loot ebay Price (US)
Goblin Gumbo Goblin Gumbo Kettle 1-30
Gone Fishin' Fishing Chair 10-65
Spectral Tiger Spectral Tiger Mount 200-600


March of the Legion

Lastly, we have the March of the Legion set which is coming out mid November and, in my opinion, has the best set of loot cards available.  This set includes the Paper Airplane card which gives you a manual that makes two different kinds of airplanes; a small zeppelin or a small flying machine that you can throw at other players.  Also in this set is the Robotic Homing Chicken card which gives an in game pet...but not just any ordinary in game pet...a chicken!  With Rockets!  Who sometimes explodes!  Along with the airplanes and chicken with rockets, we also get a dragon kite from the Kiting card!

On a lark, I checked ebay, even though the cards are not yet out, and was stunned to see that you can 'pre-order' them.  Here is what you can expect to pay...

Card Name Card Loot ebay Pre-Order Price (US)
Paper Airplane Paper Airplane Manual 30
Robotic Homing Chicken Rocket Chicken pet 50-100
Kiting Dragon Kite 100-150


Honestly, this is the first set where I would like to have all three cards.  In fact, they'd make great stocking stuffers for Christmas!

/pokes her husband.

Actually, that's a good thought for all of you who play with your significant other or who have children who play.  Any of the loot cards would make great prezzies.  :)

ebay and Non-Loot Card Warning

If you shop for the loot cards on ebay or elsewhere, be sure to read the descriptions carefully.  Along with the loot cards that have the scratch off codes there are also exact versions of the loot cards without the scratch off code.  Make sure the one you bid on has the undamaged scratch off code.  Also, be sure to check on the seller to make sure he is reputable before bidding.


TheBigBearButt said...

I wanted the Spectral Tiger mount sooo bad...

but not so bad that I'm going to buy a case of these suckers and not get it.


Wildhermit said...

I still buy a few packs now and then. The game is not bad to play every now and then, but meh... much better card games for the money.

I agree, the only reason these things sell at all is for the "Lewt Cardz." Nothing like having unique toys in the game.