Monday, December 17, 2007

Hydross Down!

Last night was our first plunge into Serpent Shrine Cavern! All in all, it went well. It was not a planned raid though...every time we planned it we would not have enough people sign up or show. So, we decided that before our regular Gruul's run, we'd try Hydross and not tell anyone until we had the raid full. Sneaky, huh?

Well, it worked! We had our usual 28+ people wanting in for Gruuls...odd how they show up for runs that are on farm, but to go in and learn something new....nope! Where is their sense of adventure? Where is their sense of accomplishment? Yeah, yeah, yeah, repair bills. Pfffft. Go do a few dailies and you're all better. Ooops, sorry, had to rant a wee bit.

So, we go into SSC and clear the trash up to Hydross. We briefly go over strat and jump in to see how it goes and on our 5th attempt, we finally downed him. Honestly, to me it seemed like a fairly easy fight...granted, all I did was tank adds and then DPS Hydross once he was down, but, overall, it was fairly straight forward and easy.

I don't recall what he dropped. I was just happy that we'd finally gotten over our 25-man hump!

If you wanna see a pic, it's on our forum home page here. I'm the female cow in the middle!


Shane said...

Congrats, no doubt that will be the first of many SSC Adventures;)


Moondancer said...

Gratz on downing Hydross.

I was wondering: All the strat guides states, that resistance gear for this fight is invaluable, but I'm usually skeptic when it comes to guides saying: "You need resistance capped at 365 to even try this guy".

Druid resistance is hard to get, so the question is: did you have any resistance underwear? :P

Ferocious Bite said...

Moondancer ( <3 the name!)

I didn't wear any resist gear. I did use a Flask of Chromatic Resistance though.

Unfortunately, there really isn't any good leather resist gear. Although I will be delving into researching that more once time permits.

Karthis said...

Nice work. We got him on our first night too.... took us 10 tries though. And then we 2-shotted the big jerk the following week.

And no - no resistance gear is required - the adds don't hit that hard.