Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Lurker Below Swims with the Fishies

After killing Hydross Tuesday night, we went in Wednesday night to see how we would do against The Lurker Below. It took quite a few tries, but we did finally down him!

Mainly, we had to experiment with a strat that worked for us and with our group composition. It seems that no matter how many strats we read and try, we always end up finding a different way of doing things that works for us.

Now, since my last post about Hydross a couple of my guildies (Warriors, know how big their egos are. ;p ) have posted on our forums about how they are waiting anxiously for my post about Lurker and what I'm going to say about them. Sadly, the pressure of their expectations along with a 'Christmas To-DO' list as long as Santa's has stifled my creativity in writing amusing boss kill stories.

In fact, I wrote those first two paragraphs Thursday and have sat down a few times to 'finish' it, however it just hasn't happened. So, I'll post what they said and you all can fill in the blanks...

Maulmorr said:

Uh oh...I can't wait to read up on your post about our Lurker attempts "and Maulmorr, unprepared for the onslaught of Lurker questions, decided to experiment..."

Baklor said:

i got yer post covered Nae Baklor stood before the foul beast, sword in hand, and in an act of awesomness tore the soul out of Lurkers slimy scaled covered chest. In the background you could hear the quiet whimper of Gankszor saying " i never got a chance to stab him"

Nae = Mooire and Gankszor = hubby

Nae is my gaming name that has stuck with me since Asheron's Call.

My response to Baklor:

I like to be, at least, somewhat factual in my blog.

Maulmorr's response:

But that is factual! Protection warriors never lie!

Lung replied:

Maul is correct, we don't have the Intellect to lie.

Well, there you have it! You now may fill in the blanks however you wish. :P

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