Monday, December 10, 2007

Pet Karma

So...this weekend two of my guildies gave me pets!

Hags, who has been a member of Rogue Angels for forever and played Asheron's Call with us, gave me a Snowman Kit after finding one of an alt and asking if I had it yet. He's been working on Alchemist Rep and, knowing that I'm an Alchemist and love pets, knew that this was a surefire way to earn it!

Hags is now revered with Mooire.

Then, last night when I logged on and checked my mail, I saw that Pk (she's been with us since DAoC) had sent me an early Christmas prezzie wrapped with a festive red bow! Not being the kind of girl to wait to open prezzies unless physically forced, I opened it immediately and out flew a Captured Firefly!

Pk is now exalted with Mooire.

The Firefly is one of the few pets that I have actually farmed for...with no luck, of course. Now, I'm sure that my long time readers who have taken the time to read all my goofy pet blogs are stunned by this admission...but, then again, if you also consider that I'm a bit ADD sometimes, it makes perfect sense. I seem to only be able to farm stuff for about 30 minutes before I feel the need to poke my eyes out and scream. So, when it comes to pets that are dropped off of mobs, well, other than the Firefly Pk gave me last night, I have none.

Now, I'm sure that some of you are wondering why Hags is only revered whereas Pk made exalted...well, when Hags gave me the Snowman Kit, my guildies joked that he was now exalted with me and he pointed out that he was only revered as he'd have to get me a Firefly to become exalted. How can you argue with that?

For those that would like to earn Mooire rep, pets I currently do not have and want are listed below:

Azure Welpling
Disgusting Oozeling
Dragon Kite
Hyacinth Macaw
Rocket Chicken

So, it seems that my Karma from all the Alliance pets I've given to my guildies has come back. Even though I haven't been able to give pets as gifts in a long time as my step-son deleted my pet mill characters a few months ago. /cry. I'd been planning on making a silly post about it, but now that I've mentioned it, I guess it would be silly to do it now. It was going to be jokingly styled as a news article about a pet mill bust....oh, well.

I had set the Pet Mill up on his account as he had not played in....oh....about a year. But, he decided to start playing again and when he logged on he saw all these goofy named characters and deleted them so he could transfer a Horde character to our sever (PvP server). /sigh. And I had 6 white kittens that I hadn't yet transfered to the Horde side too. But, while I was working hard with the girls making cookies yesterday, my husband got me another account specifically for another pet mill. :)

Hubby is now revered with Mooire.

He's probably wondering why he isn't exalted as he reads that...but, well, he would have needed to set the pet mill up to get that. ;p But, revered does earn him cookies. ;)


Anonymous said...

I realize this has nothing to do with pets, but I wanted to tell you... "Great job tanking last night! A quickly thrown together run and you as the only tank (With 2 Elemental shammies ta boot). That was probably the smoothest Kara I have been in." Maybe I'll find a pet or sumfin...

Ferocious Bite said...

LOL, I just posted a blog on that run!! Thanks for the praise, Evehn. :D /hugs And, readers, I didn't even pay him for that. ;p