Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

It's New Year's Eve and I find myself thinking about my WoW goals for the upcoming year. Even though it's dangerous for me to post my know, that rebelliousness thing of 'I'm not gonna do what I'm supposed to do'...I'm gonna post them anyway.

Gear Goals

  1. Finish enchanting my new Bear gear items.
  2. Get enchants on new gear within a couple of days of acquiring it. (I'm really bad at this.)
  3. Finish upgrading my Kitty gear.
  4. Assess my healing gear and begin upgrading those items. (Resto bloggers, please post a list of good healing gear from badges, heroics, and Kara for me!) :)

UI and Interface Goals

  1. Clean up my UI.
  2. Better organize my Bongo Bars.
  3. Get the shift key on my Saitek game controller thing to work.
  4. Get rid of add-ons that I'm not currently using.
  5. Actually make and use macros.

Organization Goals

  1. Clean out my bank.
  2. No, I mean, really clean out my bank.
  3. Get bigger packs.

Pet Goals

  1. Get a Disgusting Oozeling.
  2. Get a Hyacinth Macaw.
  3. Get Peanut.
  4. Get Peddlefeet.
  5. Get a Rocket Chicken.

Content Goals

  1. Finish all the instances in Heroic mode.
  2. Finish Zul'aman.
  3. Finish Tempest Keep.
  4. Finish SSC.
  5. Finish The Eye.
  6. Finish all the end game raiding content before the expansion.
  7. Finish my Netherstorm quests.

Blogging Goals

  1. Make and remember to use labels for posts.
  2. Put labels into old posts.
  3. Update my blog role once a month.
  4. Have at least two informative posts per week.
  5. Get the item pop-up thing to work.
  6. Get the 'Featured Posts' thing to work.

There ya have it! My goals for next year. I'm feeling overwhelmed already! ;p


Cassettes said...

those are some great resolutions, the UI and Blog ones are definatly up there for me. my UI is a mess right now so I think once I get my new computer I'll be able to do better in finding a UI that isn't a memory hog.

Sellia said...

WOW ! Quite a list ! o_O
Looking forward to read the rest of your blog. :)


Wiggishanks said...

Nice to see that more than just myself have some resolutions. You've got a nice list of things to do, and I wish you luck with them all. :)

Nasirah said...

I've done a couple posts on my blog regarding healing gear, and will continue the trend as I plan out my leveling druid's gear. I don't get into heroics much so it's mostly quest rewards, Kara drops, and badges, but it might be of some help to you.

Ferocious Bite said...

@ everyone

Now if I can just do them. ;p

@ Nasirah

Thanks! I'll check it out when I get back from work. :)