Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quick Sporeggar Rep

With the future addition of the Tiny Spore Bat, I've been working on my Sporeggar Rep.  Previously, I had mentioned that doing the repeatable Now that we're (still) friends... quest was one of the best, easiest, and quickest ways to gain rep.  It still is, however the very best, easiest, and quickest way is to do the Bring me a(nother) Shrubbery! quest.

This weekend and last night, we had some folks wanting to run Heroic Underbog.  Since I need badges...lots and lots of badges as well as remembering the Sanguine Hibiscus earns Sporeggar rep, we jumped at the chance to go.

Now, when I originally did the Bring me a Shrubbery! quest, I don't recall the plants being all that plentiful.  Perhaps it's because we had several people doing the quest when I went and we all were picking them...or, perhaps it's because after I got my 5, I stopped looking...suffice it to say, I didn't recall this quest as being a lucrative way of earning rep.

I would like to revise that now.  I was able to get 20-30 Sanguine Hibiscus on each run.  Not only are they available for anyone to pick (sort of like an herb), but they also drop off of the mobs...and, in addition, if you have herbalism, you can 'pick' the bog monsters once they have been looted and, on occasion, get one from them.  Not to mention, as Druids, we can even stealth through regular Underbog and pick the plants that aren't too close to mobs.

At 750 rep for 5 plants, that's 3,000-4,500 rep per run!  Not to mention the 4 badges if you do the instance in Heroic mode.

If you're going to want that wee spore bat as your companion and look alike pet to your mount, running Underbog is definitely the way to go! 


Karthis said...

You can stealth the Underbog for the hibiscus as well. There are quite a number that can be gathered safely, and a few others that are trivial fights to solo in bear form.


Leukos said...

I have been working though the rep for my holy pally since he is an alchemist and the transmute earth to water recipe is available at revered. I have 70 mage, druid and pally. Now my pally is nearly useless to do the kill quests for rep, but the mage and druid are ace for gathering fertile spores. So I did that a while, I seemed to be able to get about 40 an hour killing the mobs in Zangarmarsh. But a couple of days ago I had another look at the rep quests and realized that I might be able to stealth to the hibiscus. I grabbed my druid and went to work. After a few deaths trying to get ones that are out of reach, I have worked out a circuit, and been getting 10 hibiscus each run through, and 25+ an hour. This means 5 turn ins for my pally, at 750 rep each, total of 3750 rep an hour. It seems to be the most efficent, sure way to do it at a set rate. Doing it while clearing the instance would give more, but would be slower. Just remember you have hibernate for those pesky single pathers near the entrance, and you can run into the water near the start to get away from mobs and make them reset. Best of luck!!

Ferocious Bite said...

@ Karthis

True, having to fight the odd mob in regular wouldn't be an issue. After our run last night, we did stealth through to get me a couple more plants for a full turn in...I hate having pack space taken up by the odd quest item.

@ Leukos

Yes, I got my transmute earth to water recipe a long time ago. Back then, I just did the kill quest. I had completely forgotten about the Hibiscus quest until this last weekend. It's a more efficient way of getting the rep.

I liked your idea about hopping in the water to get mobs to reset! Thx!

Ratshag said...

I feels like such a slacker. I just walked over to the auction house and boughts hibiscus and fertile spores whenever they showed up. Went from halfways through honored to exalted with nary a repair bill.

Loves me spiffy tabard with the contrail of shroom spores, and now I find out I's gettin' a new pet too? Awesomes.