Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cloak Options

It seems I've gone crazy with posts today...I guess I'm making up for my lack of activity last week....

Anyway, one of the new cloak options with the upcoming patch is one I'm seriously considering. Currently, I'm wearing the Gilded Thorium Cloak but, Slikk's Cloak of Placation looks like it might be a better option for me.

I would lose 39 armor, which equates to 214.5 armor in Bear form. I'd also lose 8 defense, but as I'm sitting at 439 right now, I don't consider that an issue.

What I would gain, though, is 7 stamina which translates to 113.56 health (HotW, SotF, Tauren) as well as 25 dodge rating.

I'm definately gonna give this cloak a try.


Conquernfool said...

sounds like a difficult trade off to make, but I'm only lvl 69 still trying to gear up to some nice stuff.

I do have another question about enchants. I read some where a few weeks ago where the guy suggested what enchants would be good for a bear tank. One of the suggestions was % threat on bracers. I wish I could find that web page again. Anyway, what enchants do you have on your gear? and what would you consider best to get?


Ferocious Bite said...

Actually, I've been assessing my gear and looking at my enchants...or lack thereof as my step son recently pointed out. ;p I'd upgraded a few pieces over time and never got enchants on the new items. Once I get it set, I'll post about it.

Also, the artice you're remembering was written by Karthis on Of Teeth and Claws and is a VERY good article. I don't know how to embed links here is the cut and paste link.