Friday, October 5, 2007


Well, I've finally gotten Google Reader all set up so I will receive feeds of all the blogs I'd been visiting. It will be nice to have it update for me rather than having to visit each and every site to see what's new. However, it does lack the appeal of visiting each individual site. It's just not pretty. I miss the diversity of color, the links on the side, the profiles, seeing 'Featured Items' other bloggers have tagged, polls, comments, etc. /sigh.

My next task is to get my own 'Featured Items' set up so I can flag articles I've read and that all you who use reader can not see them. :P

Yesterday, I did get a bright, new, shiny monitor though. Thanks to my hubby who surprised me with it!!! It's a 21" wide screen and I love having the 'extra peripheral vision'. I never knew WoW was so colorful!!!! Even the grey spirit world was pretty!!!! I knew my old monitor was faded and washed out...I just didn't realize how much!

I'm going to be working on a post about macros over the next day or two...depending on how busy the weekend gets. I need to update my macros, so I decided I'd make a post out of it as well. I will focus on tanking macro's first and then, possibly, follow it up with DPS macros as well. I know everydruid and their favorite non-combat pet has probably already done posts on macros, but I'm gonna do, at least one, too. ;)

I'm also thinking about doing a series of posts about how to get your woman to play...or, at least, be more accepting of your play time. I'll probably take my hubby's advise on that one and do it in parts as I can see it being a rather lengthy topic as the strategies employed will vary depending on your woman's current views of computer games and the time you spend playing them, fact, I may make that a 'weekly' feature and include advise on how to play with your woman without killing the relationship in the process. ;p So, if any of you have questions or problems in those areas, please send them to me and I'll work them into the series or even do a special post on them.


MicrowaveSafe said...

You could use Google Reader to notify you of new posts and just click on the Arrows next to the title to take you directly to the site and read it. This way you still get notification of changes so you only have to check changed sites, but can still get the look and feel of reading the site.

Ferocious Bite said...

But, ummm, that would be like, all logical and stuff...