Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fel Blossoms for the Feral

Ever since I hit the Outlands and began working on my Herbalism skill, I've been collecting Fel Blossoms on the random chance a Felweed gives one. Being a Feral Druid and not able to use them while in form, they've been one of those things that end up cluttering up my packs and taking up valuable space that could otherwise be occupied with sell loot or, better yet, another non-combat pet. Since they are soulbound, I can't even give them to people who could better use them or even sell them on the Auction House.

So, they've been something that I'd use at the beginning of those 'no win' tank wanna finish the questline and the mob you need to kill is 4 levels higher and elite, recommends a group of 3 or more, and it's just you and you're Rogue healer. I'd pop one and charge in and hope that would buy me another second or two of life...not that we'd have the mob killed with or without it. It just gave a false sense of security.

However, once we finished with our wild and crazy questing days, they've sat, unused, in my packs and, on occasion, I've been know to delete a whole stack just to 'make room'.

Then suddenly, last night in Kara, it dawned on me that I could pop one along with Barkskin when I use Hurricane on AoE mobs! ZOMG! How had I never thought of this before?!?! And as soon as that light went on...several more went on enlightening me to all sorts of uses for this once deemed useless blossom.

I'm not blond...really I'm, really.

So, as this realization into the uses of the Fel Blossom is new to me, I thought I'd write about it on the off chance that any of my fellow Herbalist Ferals are as dense as I.

Inspecting the Blossom

The Fel Blossom is an on-use item that gives the user a damage absorption bubble. The bubble will absorb 750-1250 damage and lasts 15 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown on the item. The Blossom also shares it's cooldown with other non-pot consumables such as; Healthstones, Mana Gems, and the Various Stone Statues Jewelcrafters can make.

Basically, this is similar to a Priests Power Word: Shield spell with an absorption range anywhere between their Rank 9 (level 54) and Rank 12 (level 70) spell. However, with a shorter duration and a longer period before you may use another.

Benefits of the Blossom

Well, obviously, it absorbs damage. You can use it at full health to prevent damage as opposed to a Healthstone that you use after you've taken damage (proactive versus reactive). While it's absorbing damage, during that time, your spells will not be interrupted. This is the vital key to it's usefulness for Feral Druids. There have been many occasions where I've been called to pop out of form to perform a spell driven action when it's been dangerous. Using the Fel Blossom, especially with Barkskin, can be extremely advantageous. Lastly, it's free! It's like a little bonus you get every once in a while for picking a Felweed.

Blossom Uses
  • Right before Rebirth - Especially when it's possible you might take damage such as when battling Shade, who has no aggro table and fires spells at random players.
  • Prior to Hurricane - The absorption factor will prevent you from being interrupted while the bubble is in effect. If you're the only one who can do AoE damage, it's useful to use both a Fel Blossom and Barkskin.
  • Prior to Tranquility - Again, prevents interruption while absorbing damage.
  • Before an Innervate - This is especially useful if you find that you're tanking and your healer is out of mana. Even if you're tanking a boss...if the choice is die or risk a shift change, Fel Blossom, Innervate...take the risk.
  • Emergency Healing - Anytime you have to pop out of form to heal yourself or someone else.
  • Barkskin Cooldown - If you've recently used your Barkskin and the cooldown isn't finished use a Blossom instead!
  • PvP - Use one anytime you switch forms!
  • Healing - Anytime you're functioning as main healer of off-healer, use one if you draw can give you enough time to pop into cat form and Cower to reduce your threat.

Blossom/Barkskin Combo

Most of the time, you should use one or the other. However, on the odd chance you will be out of form for more than a few seconds and/or will be casting a prolonged spell such as Hurricane or Tranquility and will be in a position to take considerable damage, use both. Even though the Fel Blossom lasts 15 seconds and Barkskin 12, the damage absorption will be used up in the first few seconds and then Barkskin damage reduction will take over. Using a Fel Blossom during channeling spells will interrupt the spell, so use it before casting.

Field of Blossoms

Before you write off the Fel Blossom as pack space waste as I did, try it out a few times and discover it's usefulness. I promise, the next time you are surprised with one of these flowers when picking a Felweed, you'll be happy!

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Idahoe said...

Great post.

When tanking, my pull sequence is:

Starfire (gets attention)
Fel Blossom
Change to Bear: