Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Rep Pet!

With the upcoming patch, a new pet will be available for those who are exhausted...errr...exalted with the Sporregar! It's a cute little Sporebat and, of course, I'll have to get one! Thankfully, I'm most of the way there as I ground my way to revered a long time ago so I could get Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water. Although, as I look at my rep on the armory I will need 20, 680 more rep for that little bugger. Thankfully, the Sporregar rep quests grant 750 rep per turn in rather than the standard 250 with other rep lines. So, that means 28 more quests for me.

When I worked on getting Revered with the Sporregar, the quest I did was Now that we're (still) friends... over and over and over and over again. It wasn't too bad though. You kill 12 each of the Bloodscale Enchantresses and Slavedrivers. They were easy and quick to kill (even with pre-kara and heroic gear) and dropped quite a few green items to sell. I was able to do the quest, fly there and turn it in all in about 10-15 minutes per run. For more information on gaining Sporregar rep, go here.

When I worked on the rep before, I didn't know that the Firefly pet dropped from the Bogflare Needlers that fly around the same area. This time, I'll make a circuit of them along with my circuit through the Bloodscale camp...maybe by the time I get my Sporebat, I'll have a Firefly too!

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jovani said...

zomg a new pet!!! gah.. I hate grinding rep....