Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I need crappy gear!

Not something you typically hear in game...ever. However, the last two nights, I have been wishing I held on to some of my 'less than optimal' gear.

The last couple of nights my husband and I have been helping some of our guildies run alts through Shadow Labs to get gear and rep. No biggie. After months of Heroics, Kara, and a few Gruuls attempts, normal Shadow Labs will be like a walk in the park! Well, really, it was, but I seemed to be in a constant state of ragelessness!!! (Yes, that's a word! ;p)

Having good gear and high dodge is a must for Heroics and raids. However, going to a regular instance, it can leave you wanting, well, for rage. After clearing half of the first room in my bear gear, I decided to switch and tank in my kitty gear, but, alas, my dodge was still too high. I was seeing 4-5 dodges and misses between each hit the mob(s) landed.

At this point, I realized I needed to get creative. I began using Enrage liberally, but, well, as my hubby was mowing through things so quickly, my cooldown would not be up by the next pull. I'd also Moonfire one target, switch forms, Feral Faerie Fire a second, and Mangle a third, and then pray for enough rage to Swipe, but my darling husband was still able to pull mobs off me. Not that him taking hits from them was a big deal...he's geared well too and could even 'Rogue tank' them. But! It's my job to tank and, damn it, I wanna do my job well.

Mean while, the healer is looking awfully bored...he's the guild's main tank anyway, what's he thinking raising up a Priest...that's sacrilege...anyway, he's bored and tanking in my healing gear is sounding better and better...so, at this point, I begin mixing and matching my bear and cat gear and get my dodge down to 26%. I now only see 3-4 dodges and misses between hits, but I'm still in a rage shortage.

Of course, it doesn't dawn on me to roll need on some of the green leather gear that was dropping prolifically the first night until we go in the second night...and then only green mail items drop.

All in all, we made it through 3 runs over the two nights without any problems. I was able to keep the mobs from beating on the squishies too much...and, well, if they beat on my hubby I'm sure he deserved it for one reason or another. ;p


BigBearButt said...

Lol.... you know, I'm terrified to look at your armory list to see what kind of godlike gear you're sporting...

I will say that my gear is getting good enough that I'm getting in the habit of tying to get the party to let me have more than one mob to beat on me to keep my Rage up.

But they like their crowd control... it lets them feel special.

Say hi to squishy hubby for me!

Ferocious Bite said...

LOL, actually, I don't have super great gear...and my kitty gear is lagging behind my bear gear as I tend to put emphasis on upgrading it first. I've gotten all the tank gear from Kara (have a few kitty pieces I'd like to have there tho) and only the shoulders from High King. There are a few bear items in heroics I need to get still too...guess I've been slacking a bit. Honestly, I probably need to do a 'revamp' of my gear and enchants just to make sure I'm utilizing everything I should.

It was more the issue of having a decent dodge and then going into a non-heroic instance...with no CC class except my hubby and his sap. I was dodging too much to get enough rage to feel like I was doing my job well.

And, yes, you have to let people use their crowd control, it does make them feel special...kinda like when tanking SV and you get to use the Hibernate pull!

Mike said...

To make things more exciting in normal instances, I make the "no crowd-control rule" and the "pulling the next group when the last mob of this group is in its final throes" rule. That makes things right lively. And even though the mobs don't hit for much, having 4-5 mobs on me gives enough rage to do stuff.

Also, I'm trying to get shadow labs done in under an hour sometime, just for kicks :-)

Ferocious Bite said...

Oh! Good ideas!! Nothing is more fun than toying with your guildies lives. ;p Shhh...don't tell them I said that.

We were close to the 1 hour clear...we were doing it in 1 hour 15 minutes with only two of us on our geared mains.

Mike said...

I also may have neglected to tell my party that I'm working on the one-hour clear...oh well.

It's pretty entertaining all around though. Nice work on the time!