Friday, October 26, 2007

H8 your name?

For only $10 you can change it!!!

Blizzard has finally figured out how to allow us to change our character's name. So, if you started with a name you thought you liked and later decided you didn't, now you can correct that little boo-boo.

Personally, I hope all those people that have those goofy characters in their names go and fix! gogogogogogogo!!!!

On the down side, it will make keeping up with who is who in the guild more difficult if people take this to excess. On the other hand, if guildies switch character they can also switch names...cause that gets really confusing..."Ok, so Joeblow is playing Bigjim now? So, do I call him Joe or Jim? What do I call the other one?" OMG! Now they can fix that!

** Names used in this post are fictional and do not depict or relate to any real game character or person...well, ok, maybe they do, but I thought it best not to use the actual character names. :P

Thanks to Getpwnt who posted about this on our guild forums and gave me something quick and easy to post as I work on icky math and spreadsheet stuff for an upcoming post!

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