Monday, October 1, 2007

Sinister Squashling!

OMG! Another new pet! It's almost like the one I requested on the Official WoW forums, but with a pumpkin head rather than a flower head. He's still quite cute and on the list of must haves. Looks like he's a drop from the Headless Horseman, a new 5-man boss in the Scarlet Monestary...can only be summoned if you have the 'Call the Headless Horseman' daily quest. This boss also drops the Flying Brooms...buh, meh, who needs that with Flight Form. ;)

1 comment:

BigBearButt said...

Very cool.... I can't wait to give this a try...

The Wowwiki description makes me wonder how they got that info and pictures and such... and the drops/loot list and everything.

I just feel totally out of the loop.

And am I the only one wishing there wasn't a 14 day only duration on the broomsticks?